Congress Candidates List for Haryana Assembly Elections 2014

Previously, we published an article mentioning the list of all the BJP candidates nominated to contest assembly elections 2014 in Maharashtra. Now, in this one, we bring to you the list of all the 90 Congress candidates contesting Harayana assembly elections. Not only this, in this article, we also help the voters of Haryana about how to check name in the voter list 2014.

Congress Candidates List for Haryana Assembly Elections 2014

Here is the Congress candidates list for Haryana Assembly elections 2014. The list is presented here in a series of 3 images. The first one goes like: –

Harayan assembly elections 2014 Congress Candidates list


Please note, the 1st word before the candidate’s name in these lists denotes the name of the assembly constituency in Haryana for which the succeeding candidate’s name is nominated. For example, in the above list, ‘Baroda Srikrishan Hooda‘ denotes that Mr. Srikrishan Hooda is nominated from the Baroda constituency in Haryana. Here is the second list of candidates: –

Harayan assembly elections 2014 Congress Candidates list


In the above list too, the first word before the candidate name denotes the assembly constituency. Here is the third and the final list of Congress candidates nominated in Haryana for the 2014 elections, with again the first word being the assembly constituency: –

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Harayan assembly elections 2014 Congress Candidates list

Now that you know about the Congress candidate contesting the assembly election from your constituency in Haryana, you could engage in research, so that you can decided whether or not to vote for him/her on the election day. You can start your research by viewing the affidavits submitted by the candidates from your AC on the CEO Haryana website. Here is the link where you can find these affidavits for any Indian state including Haryana: – http://affidavitarchive.nic.in/DynamicAffidavitDisplay/FrmElectionAffidavit.aspx

If you really want to cast your vote in these elections, you must ensure that you have your name in the Haryana voter list 2014. Although, online voter id card registration for Haryana would be closed by now considering the fact that the elections are almost around the corner. You can still check your name in the voter list on ceoharyana.nic.in. You can check the schedule and dates for Assembly elections 2014 in one of our previous articles.

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Check Name in Voter List for Haryana Assembly Elections 2014

Before you head out to your designated polling booth, you must ensure that your name and details are correctly mentioned in the voter list of your Haryana constituency. You can visit ceoharyana.nic.in and click on the icon that says, ‘Check your name in Voter List‘. After clicking this, you would have the following two options: –

  • Search by voter details.
  • Search by voter id.

If you have your valid voter id card in Haryana then you can simply choose the second option which is, ‘search by voter id’, enter your voter id card number wherever asked and click the ‘search’ button. You would then be able to view your voter details(if present) in the voter list of your constituency.

If you choose the first option which is, ‘search by voter details’ then you would be required to enter the following information to check your name in the voter list 2014 Haryana: –

  1. District.
  2. Assembly Constituency Name.
  3. Name.
  4. Relation Name.
  5. Age.
  6. Gender.
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Once you fill in all the mandatory details, you can click ‘search’ and check your name in the voter list.

You can also send an SMS to find your voter details in Haryana Voter list 2014 for the assembly elections. Just type, ‘VOTEHRY<Space>’Voter id card number‘ and send it to 9954699899

This article covered information about the Congress candidates list for the Haryana assembly elections. In the next few articles we would cover information on nomination of candidates from other major political parties in Haryana as well as Maharashtra. Since the information about the contesting leaders is a crucial part of the voting process, we hope that these series of articles really help all the voters to cast their vote for the right one.

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