How to Apply for Voter ID Card Offline by Visiting your Nearest ERO or Local Office?

Voter ID Card is one of the important identity card in India. A person above 18 years of age and a citizen of India can apply for this ID. It does not matter where the person is living in India. If you are living in the hostel of an institute, or out of your home town due to work or otherwise you can still get it and cast your voter from that location / constituency. Here is the simple process to get the Voter ID Card Offline.


Get Voter ID Card Offline:

You should be aware of a few things before applying for Voter ID Card offline, like:

  1. Documents required. Click Here to know the list of documents.
  2. Which Forms to fill. (Take a look)
    • Form 6 – to include the name in the voter list or electoral list
    • Form 6A – to include the name of an NRI
    • Form 8 – to include the correct information in the voter list.
    • Form 8A – to transpose entry of the voter if needed.
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  • Generally it is Form 6 which you have to fill.
  • If you are a resident of a hostel, you have to fill an extra form – Annexure II which comes along with the Form 6.

Steps to apply for Voter ID Card offline

  1. Download the Form 6 from here. You can also collect it from the regional Election Commission office. Local regional parties do help in getting the form.
  2. If you have downloaded the form, then take a print our of it.


  1. Fill the form completely.

Note 1: Instructions to fill the FORM 6 are given at the end of the form. So you can refer the instructions if you face any confusion or difficulty.

Note 2: Fill your Mobile No. and Email ID correctly.

  1. Attach the required documents as mentioned above.
  2. Submit it to the local Election Commission Office or to the nearest Public Service Branch of local Political Party.
  3. You will get a receipt from the officer after submission of the Voter ID Card forms and documents.
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Note – Keep the receipt in safe place. It is needed after your Voter ID Card is ready. The officer will give you the Voter ID only after giving him the receipt.

Generally it takes months to get the Voter ID card. So do not worry if it is taking too much time. Election Commission of India is a reputed institution. It has to verify and validate documents properly. And there are so many applications for the enrolment of Voter ID Card each year. So it takes it time.

How Will You Know your Voter ID Card is ready?

As mentioned above, you have to fill your mobile number and email ID in FORM 6. When your Voter ID Card is ready, you will receive an SMS from the authorities or also get an email.

Once you know your card is ready you have two options:

  • You may receive that card at your residence or registered address as per the application.
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  • You have to take the receipt you got after the submission to the Local office. Hand the receipt to the concerned officer and get your Voter ID Card.

Check the details printed in the ID Card. If you find any mistake in the detail, you have to go through another process to correct it.

Click Here to know the Voter ID Card Correction method.

We hope the above post was useful. Do explore the site to get answers to your Voter ID Card related queries.

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