Voters List – What it is and Why You Should Enroll… Immediately

Often people ask about Voters List. ‘Voters list’, is a list containing all the names of voters of a particular constituency of India. It is also called as the Electoral Roll. Every constituency has a Voters List under the Article 326 of the constitution, section 19 of R.P Act, 1950.Voters list made simple

Voters List is an important part of the complete election process.

Having your name enrolled in the list will give you an authority to cast your vote for the Central Government and the State Government elections.

Even if you have not received your Voter ID Card and still your name appears registered in the list, you have an authority to cast your vote.

Who can get Enlisted in the Voters List?

The individuals should be minimum 18 years old. Article 326 of the Constitution and the section 19 of R.P act, 1950 states that the minimum age for registration in the voters list is 18 years.

Only Citizens of India can enroll themselves for the voters list. People having citizenship of some other country cannot be enrolled.

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Non-Residential Indians can apply for registration in the voters list if they are citizens of India and temporarily reside in other constituencies or countries. The non-residential Indians employed under Govt. of India are eligible to register for Voter id Card.

Here are few questions asked frequently:

1. If I work in Mumbai and reside there. Can I get enrolled at my native village?

Ans: The answer is no. If you reside in Mumbai then you will be treated as a local resident of Mumbai therefore, you can get enrolled at Mumbai Only.

2. Can an Individual be enrolled at multiple places?

Ans: The answer is no. An individual cannot be enrolled as a voter at multiple places in same constituency and multiple constituencies also.

How can one get Enrolled in the Voters List?

voters list enrolment -how to enrol

The process to get enrolled in the voters list is much easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to registering for the electoral roll:

  1. Get Form No 6. You can download it from here. Or you can do it Online too from over here
    • NOTE: Fill up the form with correct details of yours such as Name, Birth Date, Birth Place Address Etc.
    • While filling up the form, filled details should match to the details of the ID proof you attach along the form. Example: Adhar Card.
    • Also, avoid spelling mistakes while filling up the form. Make sure you enter a valid phone number and exact address of yours.
  2. Attach following documents to the Form no 6:
    • Attested Xerox/Scanned (in case of Online Application) copies of Driving License or Passport
    • Attested Xerox/Scanned (in case of Online Application) copy of the address proof.
    • Attested Xerox/Scanned (in case of Online Application) copy of the Birth Certificate
    • Attested Xerox/Scanned (in case of Online Application) copy of the Nationality Certificate.
      • Birth Certificate is used to determine that you are above or possess 18 years of age. If you do not have a birth certificate your Passport or 10th pass certificate or Adhar Card can be used to determine your age.
  3. After filling up the form, take a quick look at all the details filled in are correct.
    • You need to submit the filled form to the ERO of your area. Also called as SDM/AERO office.
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The registration process can take a month or two to complete. The Election Commission of India has taken quite good steps in shortening the process of the registration for the voters list.


How to Check Your Name in Voters List?

To check your name in Voters List of your Area visit the state CEO website by selecting your state from here.


Click here to do it from NVSP portal

  • Once on your state’s CEO website look out for a link to Electoral Name Search – Ignore this step if searching from NVSP portal.
  • Click on that and select how you want to search – Name Wise or Voter ID Card EPIC wise
  • Once you do that, your name will be displayed on the page

Easing up the process encourages the people to become a part of elections. If you have already applied for voters list you can check your name in the voters list over here.

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