Voter ID Change of Address – After my Job Transfer to New City?

After Transfer of Job to a new city, there are plenty of changes that one needs to make in their existing government documents, it can be a tedious process if one is unaware of what to change and how to change it. The most important and crucial change you need to make after transfer of a job to a new city is Voter ID change of address. Voter ID address change is a very simple process which can be done both online and offline, this article will walk you through all the procedures you would need to follow for Voter ID Change of Address.

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Voter ID Change Of Address

How Can I Get Voter ID Change of Address after my Job Transfer to New City?

Well, there are 2 ways to do it:

  • Online
  • Offline

Along with both step-wise procedures of online and offline Voter Id change of address, you will find a few important links which are necessary for Voter ID address change.

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Steps for Online Voter ID Change of Address:

To make the process of change of any information in the voter Id convenient the Election Commission of India has made provisions wherein a voter can apply for correction of details within the comfort of their home. A person has to fill Form 8 Online to apply for Voter ID change of address

There are four simple steps for filling Form 8 for Voter ID Change of Address:-

To access site for online Voter ID Change of Address- CLICK HERE

1. Applicants Details:

In this step, the person has to fill in personal details like name, surname, father’s name, date of birth. One must be very careful while filling this section to avoid any errors in spellings of names and dates.

Voter ID change of address

2. Particulars of Place of Residence:

In this step, you have to enter the details of your current address which will we be used for further communication purposes. It is advisable to use a substantial address proof to fill in this part of Form 8 to avoid errors.

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The scanned copy of address proof should be kept handy as it will be to be required later in the process.

Voter ID address Change

3. Details of Electors Photo Identity Card:

If you have issued a Voter Id Card from that particular constituency or any other constituency, details of the same should be filled in. In this section you will be required to upload scanned copies of your Photo, Identity proof and Address proof. It is advisable that you preserve the original documents until verification is complete.

Address change of Voter ID card

Now you need to upload the supporting documents for ID and Address proof. So ensure you have the scanned copies ready.

upload supporting documents

4. Details Of Entries to be corrected:

This the most important part of the process of Voter ID Change of Address is this one, carefully check out the box against ‘Address’ just like shown in the image below. After this, you simply have to fill in some minor details like place, date, mobile number and hit the submit button.

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A confirmation page will appear as soon as you submit.

Voter Id Card Address change

Offline Process of  Voter ID change of Address:

  • Download Form 8- CLICK HERE
  • Take a printout of the Form
  • Fill in the Form following the same steps and taking the same precautions as mentioned below in the Online process – above
  • In the Entries to be Corrected Section Check out the Address.
  • Attach a copy of your Address Proof
  • Submit to your nearest Election Registration Office (ERO)

What is Form 8?

A person who wishes to apply for a Voter Id change of Address has to fill Form 8 online. Form 8 should be filled by a person whose name is included in the electoral roll but he/she wants to make corrections t can apply in the Voter ID card Form 8.

The voter ID change of Address for transfer of a job to a new city is very simple and hassle-free both online and offline. The same procedure can be applied for Voter ID Address Change in any other scenario as well.

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