An In-Depth Guide To Voter ID Card

Voter ID Card India

For those living in India, the voter ID card India offers a priceless opportunity to contribute to nation’s development through voting. The card inculcates a sense of pride among Indians; whether rich or poor it does not matter.

The after effects of Delhi assembly election results have certainly brought more importance to voter ID card in India. People have realized the power and importance of voting. This card has given a reason for Indians to come out and vote. Just recently the state of Andhra Pradesh has registered 4 million new voters.

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Earlier the card was paper made with lamination of plastic. It was difficult to maintain in good condition. But the newer cards that are being issued are made up of PVC to prevent it from any kind of damage.

The election commission is planning to introduce colored Indian voter ID card. In fact the people of Kanpur have already started receiving colored cards. This card will have high tech features which will make it tamper proof. These cards will be made available in shades of light blue, dark blue, orange and mixture of brown.

And it is not just only elections that the card is useful. Indians who own a voter ID Card can benefit from it in more than one way. They can use the card as an address proof or an ID proof. It can also be considered as a proof of being a bonafide Indian citizen.

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Voter ID Card Application

The process of voter ID card application is very simple and easy. Those who want to apply for the card can do so in two ways. One way is that they can go to the official website of the election commission of their own state. Secondly they can simply download the form from the site and take a print out, fill the form and submit it to the Electoral Regional Officer (ERO) of their area.

Apply Online Voter ID Card

in-depth guide to voter id card apply online

To apply online for the card is one of the easiest ways to register. You can visit the official website of your state for the same. You can also go to the election commission India website to register for voter id card.

To register for the card you will have to fill in form number 6. This is only for those who are registering for the first time. You have to fill in all the details correctly. Any wrong information entered in the form will make your application for voter ID card invalid.

During filling the form online, you will also need a passport size photo and scanned copies of documents which are required to be uploaded.

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You can submit the form once you have filled up the form correctly, uploaded the scanned documents and your photo. This way you will be able to apply online for voter ID card.

In case you are already a voter ID card holder and want to update your information on the card then you will need to fill up form 8. There are various election commission India forms that can be filled up for different voter needs.

Voter ID Card Verification

For the person to get the card it is important that the second stage of registration i.e Voter ID Card Verification is successful. An official called Block Level Officer (BLO) will come to the residence of the voter who filled up the form to verify all the documents.

This BLO is from the same area as the voter. Once the verification is completed successfully the registration process is complete. The voter will then have to wait for a period of about 30 to 45 days to get his/her voter ID card.

The voter can also check voter ID application status online on the website where he/she has filled the form. The status can only be known only when the verification of voter ID card is successful.

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Some state election commission have also started SMS service on which the prospective voter can send the application number to know the status of their voter card. There are certain state election authorities like CEO AP which has even started a helpline number for voters.

Voter ID Card Details

The official website of the state election commission can help keep a track about all the voter ID card details online. This would be very helpful for those who have enrolled for the voter card.

Some of the details that they can keep a track of include the status of their application, name in the electoral list, documents required as proof for registration etc.

Even with all the advancement in the technology and precautions in place there is a possibility of human error occurring in the voter ID card. These errors can be in the form of entering wrong details unintentionally.

Other kinds of details errors are spelling mistake, name misprint, totally wrong name registered. For this very purpose election commission has provided forms like form 8, form 8A which can be used by the voters to correct the details on voter ID card.


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