Can Teenagers Go for Online Voter Registration?

Each year, thousands of teens attain 18 years of age. As they become adults, they are eligible to cast their votes. This signifies that they are eligible apply for their voter ID card. The Election Commission of India (ECI) had earlier made voter ID card compulsory for voting. Today, it is better known as the Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) as it identifies the holder’s photo as well. Why Teens Should Apply for Voter ID? The voter ID is a valuable identity card that allows the holder … [Read more...]

How can NRIs get ID Card to Vote During Elections?

It is not new that there are many non-residential Indians working in various countries across the world. Some are working for decades while few have just ventured out for study-cum-work option. In any case, there are many NRIs who... 1). Hold only one citizenship – Indian citizenship 2). Want to vote in India or possess an ID card to vote 3). Have a valid passport with an Indian address 4). Have a suitable authority to certify the place of residence in the foreign land 5). Have no … [Read more...]

How to get Voter ID card online? New Online Voter Registration Guide

Wondering how to get voter id card online? This is the write place to be. Although the need for voter enrollment and voter ID card was way back in 1993 elections, Online Voter Registration for the election card became the latest thing in recent times. In 2012, workshops were conducted at various colleges in India to enforce voter registration of new voters and promote Online Voter Registration. In some colleges only 5 percent of the eligible candidates (students who are above 18) had … [Read more...]

Voter ID Card Online in 7 minutes – Here’s How to Do it!

Today, Voter ID Card is a must requirement for casting a vote in India. It also acts as an identity card that helps you to get many services that are meant for law-abiding citizens. Hundreds of youngsters become new voters each year as they turn 18. With just a click of few buttons, you can now apply Voter ID Card online. However, is it really easy and quick to apply voter id card online? Along with several queries, you might have queries like, "Since I can apply for online election card … [Read more...]