The Joy Of Being An Indian Voter

Who Is An Indian Voter

An Indian voter is a person who is eligible to vote when he/she fulfills the conditions laid down by the Indian constitution. In In In India being a voter is not a fundamental right, it is a constitutional right that people can either choose to either exercise or not. A person can become a voter irrespective of his/her caste, creed or religion.

All the rules and regulations for voters are laid down by the main authority of election in India. This authority is called Election Commission of India. Every year it celebrates 25th January as the voters’ day.

Being a voter is a privilege that enables a person to contribute to nation’s development by electing a capable government. The recent Delhi election result is a very good example of this.

Being an indian voter is a joy

What’s more the recent decision by the honorable Supreme Court of India to implement voters’ right to “reject all the candidates” should be encouraging. This has given the Indian voter a reason to come out and have their say.

Voter Card Registration

In order to be eligible to vote, a person has to first register himself for voting. Depending upon their priority, the voter can choose to do voter card registration either through online process or offline process.

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If the voter wants to register voter ID card online then he/she has to visit the official website of their respective state election commission. Once on the site, the prospective voter has to fill in the form 6. Besides filling the form they will also need to upload scanned copy of their passport size photo along with documents.

being an indian voter is a joy

Once the form is submitted the electoral registration office (ERO) sends a Block Level Officer (BLO) for the verification process. The process of registration is complete when the documents are verified and the BLO himself takes the signature of the person applying for the card.

The offline process of voter card registration is not as complicated as online. The person who wants to apply for the voter card has to download Form 6 from the website of his/her state elections authority. Then fill the form in their handwriting. After filling the form, the prospective voter has to submit it to the ERO along with two passport size photos and copies of documents which will be used as proof.

The voter card can be used by the voter for voting in the local, state as well as national elections.

Voter ID Card Status

Once the form is submitted successfully the card is mostly delivered within 45 days. Until then the voter can keep a track of his/her card by going to the state election commission website and check the voter ID card status.

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Almost all the state election authority websites have provided a separate section for finding the status of the voter card application. The voters can track their card status by entering their application status.

The other way of finding the status is by sending an SMS using mobile phone to the registered number which is generally given on the website. Of late some state election commissions have also started a helpline number to help voters.

Voters List

Voters list is a catalog of names of people from a constituency who are eligible to vote in that particular constituency. This list is prepared by the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of a constituency. Each constituency has its own list of voters.

being an indian voter is a joy

Even though you might have a voter card but if your name is not in this list then you are not allowed to voter under any condition. Hence it will not be wrong to say that voters list is more important than voter ID card.

Those who are already having a name in this list of voters can update or change their details by filling up different election commission India forms as prescribed by the election commission of India.

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With general elections in India just round the corner this year, you better hurry up to enroll yourself for voters list 2014 or else you might miss out big time on a chance that comes only once every five years.

 Why Do We Need A Voter ID Card

Without a doubt, having a voter ID card is beneficial in more than one way. In addition to being a government document, the card also serves as a bonafide ID proof.

Other reason why we need a voter ID card is that the card is a very trustworthy identification proof. The card also ensures that the no other person can cast a vote other than the owner of the card. Thus it also contributes to eliminating the risk of bogus voting.

Even those who are not educated at all can also vote thanks to this card; thus enabling them to contribute to the success of elections.

With the wave of change sweeping right across India, it is a great time to be an Indian voter.

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