What is the Role of CEO Andhra in Andhra Pradesh Elections?

Each state in India has its own Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), such as CEO Andhra who is elected by the Secretary of Election Commissioner of India. In other words, Andhra Pradesh will have its own CEO who will look after the state’s elections and any other formalities that are required for it.

Elections in India

India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world where there are 29 states. Each state has a state assembly election which is held after every 5 years by the state’s electorate. Citizens of India who have attained 18 years of age can vote during an assembly election for their state, provided they have a valid voter ID card and their names are listed in the voter list.

Every five years General Elections are held for the Lok Sabha where the electorates vote for their representatives throughout India. In all these elections, whether General Elections or Assembly elections, the state’s Chief Electoral  Office oversees the elections that take place in Andhra Pradesh.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Andhra Pradesh

Although selected by the Election Commissioner, the Chief Electoral Commissioner, CEO of Andhra Pradesh is a constitutional body that is a powerful authority to hold free and fair elections in the state. Working under the Election Commissioner, the CEO of AP is responsible for:

  • Tasks to organize General Elections, Bye-Elections, Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections, and Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council Elections
  • Updating AP electoral rolls – addition, deletion, or modification of names in the CEO Andhra voter list
  • Issuing Photo ID cards to the eligible voters – especially those who want to change their voter card address, voter name, or typo errors in the card
  • Registering new voters in the AP voter list

…And, keep improving processes to manage elections in the state by introducing new changes and user-friendly helpdesks and kiosks from time to time.

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Chief Election Office - CEO AndhraCEO AP Website

Although there is a brick-n-mortar office of the CEO AP to look into issues related to Andhra Voter List and Andhra Pradesh Voter Card e-registration, the Andhra Pradesh CEO maintains a website where the voters can easily login with their dedicated username and password to apply for their new voter ID card or make changes in the voter list.

  • CEO Andhra e registration – When you visit the AP CEO’s website, you will find a e-registration link which leads the new users to login and register for a voter card. Once on the page, the new voter can register for the voter ID online by filling in Form 6 and providing some credentials to validate the information given in the form.

The CEO delegates this job to the Block Level Officer, who verifies the form and the card. The voter can expect to get the voter ID card within two months.

  • CEO Andhra application status – The CEO will oversee work to ensure voter cards are given to the applicants after verification and the status is updated in the website. Why wait to get to know your application status? Why visit the CEO office to check whether you have got your name updated in the voter list? By clicking on the ‘Know your Status’ you can find out if your application has been accepted and voter ID is on its way to you.
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Importance of CEO of Andhra Pradesh

The state’s Chief Electoral Commissioner’s office is an independent body which is not bound by any political party or government. The autonomous authority was established in 1994 to ensure elections are held properly in Andhra Pradesh. Apart from the main elections, it also monitors elections of the Gram Panchayat, Municipal Corporation, and Zilla Parishad.

Along with Election Commission of India, the CEO of the state helps to ensure elections are held as per legal norms. It ensures that complaints regarding elections or voter list are addressed quickly and efficiently. The CEO Andhra office also has the authority to put tribunals and military forces to ensure elections are free and fair. Apart from the above, the CEO of the state handles notifications, addresses circulars, press releases and tenders.

So, for any issues, concerns, and requests, visit the CEO Andhra website or the CEO office at Andhra Pradesh to get your answer quickly and effectively.

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