Can Teenagers Go for Online Voter Registration?

Each year, thousands of teens attain 18 years of age. As they become adults, they are eligible to cast their votes. This signifies that they are eligible apply for their voter ID card. The Election Commission of India (ECI) had earlier made voter ID card compulsory for voting. Today, it is better known as the Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) as it identifies the holder’s photo as well.

CEO website of a particular state allows online voter registration even for those who have attained 18 years of age and didn’t have a voter card earlier.

Why Teens Should Apply for Voter ID?

The voter ID is a valuable identity card that allows the holder to get all the privileges given to an Indian citizen. So, if you have just attained adulthood or 18 years of age, the first task you need to do is to apply for a voter card. Today, online voter registration is possible, so you don’t have to nudge your parents to visit the electoral office.

Electoral card allows you to do a number of tasks, such as:

  • Helps you to cast your vote for General Elections, Assembly Elections, Municipal Corporation Elections, etc
  • Enables you to open bank account, get state’s facilities, such as apply for a telephone, etc
  • Ensures you conveniently get an e-ticket, air flights, etc
  • Helps you to get your passport
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… And, a valid electoral card will mean that you have your name enlisted in the voter list. Remember, voting is a constitutional right for all Indians. So, you can exercise your franchise; lead India as a young citizen by selecting useful leaders.

Use of Form 6

So, once you are ready for online voter registration, you should check in to the website of your state’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO). This website has many options to allow voters get their electoral work done from their home. You need not visit the ERO of your locality but can easily register your electoral card online.

As a new voter, you must access online voter registration form 6 that is uploaded in the Online Form section of the website. Although there are other forms, as a new voter, you must stick to this form only. Here are the steps which you should take:

  • Fill in all the required parameters in the form. Make sure all the data are correctly put in. No typo errors should be there.
  • Mention the documents or proof of residence you want to put in. For instance, you must certify a document for age proof. You can submit your birth certificate or final year school board certificate.
  • Furnish the address proof as well. If you don’t have an electricity bill or rent bill with you, you can submit your ration card. Any government certified address proof will do. Those who are staying on rent and not with their parents must submit their rent bill.
  • Upload two scanned photographs. They should usually be 3.5 cm by 3.5 cm in dimension.
  • Upload the address proof and age proof PDF files. The maximum size of the PDF should be around 1 MB.
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…Once all the documents and photos are done, click the Submit button and your online voter registration form 6 is now uploaded to the right authorities.


Online Voter Registration and Verification

Once online voter registration process is complete and the application has been submitted properly you will get an Application ID. However, the credentials are verified by booth level officers who are appointed and directed by CEO with the knowledge of the ECI.

In the online voter registration and verification process, the officials will visit your home or hostel to verify your credentials. You must show the original papers of the documents which you had uploaded with the form. Once the online voter verification is complete, you will get your voter card within a couple of months.

Tips to Get Voter Card

It is possible to check the status of your voter card registration process online by visiting the CEO website and accessing the ‘Know your status’ link. Once you get your EPIC card, your name will also be registered and enlisted in the voter list.
Make sure you apply with all documents to get a valid voter card. It is an important identity card that a must for all citizens of India, even if you are staying abroad for a short time, that means even an NRI should apply online for voter id card.

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  1. Why not we should have a system of voting Online to totally kick out the system of bogus voting, booth capturing and all other malpractices. Moreover it will save a lot of time & manpower moreover goons act.

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