How to Apply for your Voter Identity Card Delhi?

Delhi, the national capital territory. The Home to the Parliament, Rashtrapati Bhawan, 7-Race Course Road along with many politicians and dignitaries, this union territory has its fair share of importance as far as the Electoral Decision making for the Indian democracy is concerned. Elections here are perhaps at the peak of their threshold due to the fact that every political party wants to keep its hold on a territory that lies at the heart of this nation.

How to apply for a voter identity card in delhi

Having said so, the need for Voter Awareness and voter identity card education is essential to ensure the equilibrium between citizen interests and governance needs. Therefore in the following sections we will cover topics like:-

  • The Election Commission of Delhi
  • How to Apply for Voter Identity Card Delhi?
  • How to check your name in Voter ID List Delhi?
  • How to check the Application status for Voter Identity Card Delhi?

Election Commission Delhi

With the motive of ensuring Free and Fair Elections, the Election Commission of Delhi also looks ahead to ensure proper maintenance of Voter Lists in Delhi along with the full transparency in the issuance process of the Voter Identity Card. This authority has its own website by the name of www.ceodelhi.nic.in On this website the voters can easily perform some of the essentials tasks related to their easy registration into the electoral roll. This further ensures that the Voter Identity Card in Delhi is received by correct hands and hence performs the function it was meant to perform. The main reason for which Voter identity cards were launched(in August 1993)  was so that they prevent the cases of fraudulent vote casts and also so that they help improve the accuracy of the voters lists. Therefore by the efforts of the Election Commission Delhi to ensure legit issuance of Voter Identity Cards in Delhi, the cases like bogus voting are also checked in greater numbers. This brings Delhi a step closer to its desired goal of free and fair elections. Hence the CEO Delhi is like a vigilante that keeps an eye on all the matters that could possibly distort the state from an honest election result. It does so by looking into voter grievances, improving voter identity verification techniques and also by developing easier and more accurate voter registration techniques. The Election Commission at the national level also performs in exactly the same way as its Delhi counterpart, moreover CEO Delhi works on the directions provided by the national election commission. The Election Commission of India also has its head office in Delhi at Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110001.

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 How to Apply for Voter Identity Card Delhi?

If you wish to become a registered voter in Delhi and hence receive your voter identity card, you could do so by visiting the CEO Website of Delhi i.e www.ceodelhi.nic.in On this webpage you can apply directly for the inclusion of your name to the voters’ list and hence be entitled to your very own voter photo identity card in Delhi. As you know, the form required to include your name to the voter list in Delhi and other states is none other than the Voter Identity Card Registration Form No. 6. Although you can fill this form manually by obtaining it from the local ERO Office but still it is advisable that you apply online because it saves both time and effort. So now we would guide you about applying for Online Voter identity registration in Delhi.

Steps for application

  • Visit ceodelhi.gov.in
  • On the homepage, click on ‘Enroll Online’
  • Enter Username and Password
  • Fill the Online Voter Identity Card Form No. 6
  • Upload the required documents in PDF Format
  • Upload a passport size photograph in JPEG Format
  • If you do not have a Username/Password, then click on New User!Sign Up!
  • Once registered, you can repeat the above mentioned steps to successfully apply for your Voter Identity Card Delhi.

If you are already a registered voter and have misplaced your Voter identity card, then you have to fill the Voter Form No. 001C. Since this form is not available to be filled online hence you have to go and submit it by hand or by post to your prescribed ERO Office. You can obtain the form from the same office.

Upon successful submission of the online application for your voter identity card in Delhi, you can expect a visit from the verification officer. In case you were unable to upload the required documents at the time of online submission, you can hand over these documents to this verification officer upon his visit.

How to Check your Name in the Voter List Delhi?

Once you have successfully applied for your voter identity card in Delhi you may check whether your name has been included in the electoral roll of your constituency. Having your name in the electoral roll is more important than just having a voter identity card. This is because a voter identity card is supplementary to the voters list and you would only be allowed an entry to the polling booth to cast your vote if and only if your name is included in the voter list. Therefore it is really important to recheck the presence of your name in the voter list.

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You can check your name in the voters’ list of Delhi constituencies on the CEO Delhi website either by typing the voters’ name or by the voter identity card number. Both the links are given below:-

Searching Name in the Voter List Delhi by Voters’ Name

Link- http://ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/ElectorSearchtest.aspx

For searching the electoral roll by voters’ name, the following mandatory information is needed to be entered on the search page:-

  • District No./Name(You would be given all the possible choices from which one is to be selected).
  • Assembly Constituency Name and No.(If you want to find out about your Assembly Constituency, you can visit the following link:- http://ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/SearchLocality.aspx)
  • Voter’s Name
  • Voter’s Mother’s/Father’s or Husband’s Name

Searching name in the Voter List Delhi by Voter Identity Card Number

Link- http://ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/ElectorSearchIdCard.aspx

You can also search the Voters’ List of your Constituency in Delhi by entering your Voter Identity Card Number on the search page(the link is given above). In this you would not need to provide the information mentioned in the previous section and hence the voters list could be searched even if you just have your EPIC  or Voter ID Card No.

If you are unable to find your name in the voter list Delhi by using any of the above two methods then you can also try the following text message method to find your name. Just type EPIC<Space>Voter Identity Card Number and send it to 9211728082

How to Check Voter Identity Card Application Status in Delhi?

If you have not received any intimidation from the Election Commission Delhi or any of its officials about your Voter Identity Card Application then you must check the status of your enrollment application to make sure that it is not stuck at any level of assessment. Checking status would also keep you updated with the progress of your voter registration application. To check the status of you application you can again head to the Delhi CEO Website(Link given in the above sections). When you reach the home page of the given website, you just have to click on the icon that reads ‘Know the Status of Your Application for Enrollment

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Here is the link through which you can directly check the status of your Voter Identity Card application in Delhi:- http://ceodelhi.gov.in/OnlineErms/CheckApplicationStatus.aspx Upon reaching this page, just select Form 6 from the given options. Please note that the application status could also be checked for the Voter Identity Card Forms like:-

  • Form No. 7 for objection to entries to the voter list. In case one has deceased parents, this forms helps in the removal of their names from the electoral roll.
  •  Form No. 8 for rectification of Voter Identity Card details. In case you have wrong information or a wrong photograph on your voter id, you can correct them by filling this form. Once filled, you can check the application status from the link provided above.
  • Form No. 8A for the transposition of entry into the Voter List. In case you want to change your address on the voter identity card within the same constituency, you can fill this form. The application status of this form too could be checked by accessing the above link.

Hence your voter identity card Delhi registration process could be summed in the following basic steps:-

  1. Register on CEO Delhi website.
  2. Login with the created Username and Password.
  3. Fill the Online Voter Identity Registration Form No. 6
  4. Upload photograph and documents.
  5. Check Status of your application.
  6. Get Verified by the field officer.
  7. Upon successful registration, check your name in the voter list of your constituency.

If you wish to know the list of things you can do while waiting for your voter identity card, the linked article could help you in the right direction. Hence all the above sections if read carefully could throw some great light on the Voter identity card registration process in Delhi and help the prospected as well as existing voters to properly ensure their right to vote.




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