Can you get voter ID card in Bangalore in a month?

Voter ID card is an important document and we all know it, and we also know that it is tedious and long drawn process to get one and so a lot of us never bother to get one as long as we can avoid it. Nobody wants to stand in the long lines and put up with bureaucracy. Well, these are things of the past as getting election cards is now much easier and faster and especially if you are in a city like Bangalore or any other city from Karnataka, you can get your voter ID card in a month.

Get Voter ID Card in Bangalore in a Month

If anyone were to ask today ‘can you get your voter ID card in Bangalore in a month?’ the answer is YES. But you need to apply for it online. According to the electoral office, anyone who is eligible can get their Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC)  in a month’s time, as against the 9 months it used to take otherwise. Back in 2011, Karnataka was the first state to embrace the online procedure for application and correction of name and age, and for addition and deletion of names from voter list. Bangalore being the capital and the largest city of Karnataka has been one of the primary beneficiaries of the online procedure. Around 12 lakh plus voters in the city have benefited from this move at the time of writing this article. The process of getting your Voter ID card in Bangalore is very simple and you need to log on to http://ceokarnataka.kar.nic.in and follow the steps as available over here: How to Get Voter ID Card Online

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Errors in Voter ID Card Details

However, the problem as it can be with all the systems is that mistakes can occur specially in names and addresses due to typing issues and in a city like Bangalore, it is the translation from English to Kannada or vice-a-versa which can give place for more errors. EPIC is required to be in two languages and the submissions are usually in any one language, and in case of online it is in English. This leads to the voter ID cards of  Bangalore to have mistakes in names and addresses. The other issues involved are the fact that a lot of people in Bangalore do not have proper address proof and with it being a big city, there are a large number of migrants as well. Battling these issues, the Karnataka Electoral Office claims to have eased the procedure of issuing election cards and those who apply online are getting their cards in one month approximately.

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Get Voter ID Card in Bangalore in a month

Apply for Voter ID Card in Bangalore Offline(Without Internet)

To further help those who cannot apply online or to ease the burden of form submissions and avoid huge queues at the ERO, the Form 6 are even available at some select colleges in Bangalore.

While the initiative was taken by Karnataka to go online, now most of the other states have adopted the online procedure for expediting the issuing of voter ID card. Companies like Microsoft and TCS are providing technical support to ensure a stable system for online voter ID card applications. With such steps, getting an election card is getting quicker and easier with every year.

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  1. I have id card but there’s one mistek I want full names in id card
    I want changes this name. So what I will do just plz help me

  2. I had gone to the BBMP office , say more than 15 times and each time they delay asking me to come next week. Just fore the election, when i went to collect the voter slip, i got a reply from BBMP office saying that , Voter id cards would be delivered after the election as they have a shortage of holograms (which are on the voter id cards), this is ridiculous. Now comes the best part, i had posted a complaint explaining all these in the EC webportal and it was closed immediately saying “Please contact your nearest BBMP office”….Now i can say that even Election Commission is also stupid.

  3. i was applied voter id 6months back in bangalore NGB office, but till date i did not get my voter id, i went to NGB office they said that i should go and search in BBMP office, I went to BBMP office also they said they sended in NGB office, Like that i went both office 4 to 5 time, i request u that kindly know me to how can i get voter id card
    Name- Lablu Laskar
    Father Name Munin L.
    Address: #61, 2nd Battrey , Pansion Line, Vivek Nager Post, Bangalore, Pin:560047

  4. Dear All,

    My Voter has been generated. I receive a call from gurappana palya Bangalore congress leader office that come to our office and collect the voter ID. When I visit the office the person in-charge there told me that you voter ID has been generated and the cards are misplaced by the office. Go to Bangalore One centre in jayanagar and get your voter ID printed by paying RS 10/- to the person. I am not the only person who is having the problem, it happened with many other people.
    Why we need to pay RS 10/- for the mistake done by office?
    I think it’s a mutual understanding from the both office and they may be dividing the collected amount with them self.

    Chief Electoral Officer Karnataka please have a check on this.

    –THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!——


  5. I checked out the site for online voter id registration. It is absolutely unprofessional looking site . Just shows the quality
    of experience which government wants to provide to people. I think website is there for namesake only . It asks us to first submit the soft copy, then attach hard code and then mail it to office. I think if i go to actual voter id center and submit the documents; that would be cheaper and faster . What is the purpose of asking for soft copy if you are asking for hard copy as well. These kind of things happen if u have bunch of bozos heading society.

  6. The process defined for online registration ends at submitting the hard copy of the documents to the concerned department. However, there is no details about what happens after the registration is accepted :
    – whether the department would mail the voter id card ?
    – whether one needs to go and pick up the card from some specific location ?
    – what is to be done if an older EPIC card existed which has been subsequently canceled ?

  7. i want voter id in Bangalore Karnataka.How can i get voter id will you please send me a mail procedure for applying

  8. Its been more then 6 months I have not received my voterID cards. When I called the office from last 1 month i am getting the same answer saying “The system locked, hence call next week”. So please help to get the voterID card. I called this number Madiwala – 080-22975646.

  9. There is A difference In Voter ID Name Is It Possible To Change Name… If How Give Me Detail My Mobile No 9535735225

  10. I am staying with my family in 17 th D Main Road, 6 th Blk,Koramangala,Bangalore-560095.All my family members applied through form No;6 to enroll our names in BTM-Vidhana Sabha costituency-172,before the April 2013 elections.
    Our names are standing in the Voters list of BTM Layout, Vide-Part no;079,and serial nos: start from 1333 onwards.
    Using this information we all voted in April 3013 Assembly Elections also.
    But so far we have not received the official VOTER IDs,from concerned BBMP office 6th Block,Koramangala,when ever we visited the office for Voter IDs, the staff is telling to wait for 2 weeks and the same procedure is continuing even after the laps of 4 months.
    Please guide us to approach to lodge this complaint and can get our Voter IDs.

    Mob No: 9591099599

    • Pls visit Bangalore One centre in the Games Village, Koramangala and you can get your EPIC card by paying 10 rupees.

  11. I came across a project by govt of Karnataka which owns Computer centers as Temp Franchise for Food and Civil supplies service under gone ….like New Request for Ration card, Renewal of Old Ration card, Addition, Correction & deletion, Photo & Bio Matrix Capturing with Documents Upload and they charges Rs.20/- Why the same can be implemented on voters id card also I am ready to pay.



  13. I was corrected my name in Form – 8 on 30/10/2010 vide serial No. 13, Voter serial no. 1217, Booth No. 164, but till date i am not getting my voter card till yet. please do the need full.

  14. Hi,

    I am from Odisha, but working in Mysore for last 10 months.. can i get my Voter Card in KARNATAKA ?.
    Like me there are thousands or lakhs who either have a Voter id of their Home Town or Don’t have..

    Kindly answer.

    Thanks & Regards

  15. I and my mom’s id were made on 1.1.1995 but now there are no names in the voters list and we were not eligible to vote .do we have to re apply online for new one or this only be get rectified please help my id no is KT/13/083/220511

  16. I apply for making my VOTER ID CARD in the month of March 2013 Kindly let me know that my voter ID Card is make or not as on dt.24/6/2013 My residence No. 206 block K1 Gali No.18 Sangam Vihar New Delhi

    • vill-dhab,p.o-manjhaladih.p.s-birni.dist-giridih.pin code – 825324 jharkhand ..i want to id by mail ok….

    • i have applied for voter id card 4 months back.
      Still its showing as under process.
      mu app id is voter is 627407.Please check and help.
      i want to give vote this time.
      this department is showing carelessness in every matter.Please do something


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