The Voters’ Fest by Election Commission of India – Showcase your Talent

The Voters’ Fest by Election Commission of India is a golden opportunity for the talented young minds of India, on the occasion of National Voters’ Day 2015. This fest actually a series of online competitions open for the voters and children across a wide range of age groups. It is actually a wonderful idea executed by the ECI in order to increase its outreach to the young minds and let them have an opportunity of presenting the views arising from their blooming brains. The series of competitions are selected in a way that directly connects with the young. The interested people could apply for the competitions under the voters fest by Election Commission of India on their official website.

essay competition under the voters' fest by election commission of India

Voters’ Fest by Election Commission of India- Something for Everyone

The online competitions under the voters’ fest by Election Commission of India are pretty interesting. For the budding writers who want keep up their views in the form of essays, the ECI is organizing an online essay writing competition. The theme is- ‘Role of Women in Elections’. The essay must be written under a word limit of 500 words and uploaded in word format on the ECI Voters’ Fest page after registration is completed. At the end of this article, we will lay down the process for registering for the competitions under the voters’ fest by Election Commission of India. Once you register yourself for the Voters’ Fest, you can send in/upload entries for any of the following competitions.

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For people/children/teenagers with talents other than writing, the Voters’ Fest brings other interesting and fun online competitions too. Below is the list of all such competitions for people with different sets of skills and talents: –

  • If you are good at making witty one-liners and slogans, then the voters’ fest has an online ‘Slogan Making Competition‘ too. The theme is again, ‘Role of Women in Election’. You can’t upload the slogan in a word format, so before uploading, you must convert it into PDF format. Make sure the slogan is witty, fresh and original. Word limit is 30 words.
  • If you love writing content and believe that a pen is mightier than sword, you can participate in Essay Writing Competition.
  • For budding music composers, the voter’ fest by Election Commission of India has an online ‘Song Composing Competition‘. You have to upload your song in MP3 format and the lyrics as a word document. The song must be original and catchy
  • Innovators and scholars must participate int the ‘Best Suggestions Contest‘ called Out-Of-The-Box. In this competition, you can have your chance to churn out revolutionary suggestions for the Election Commission of India to improve Elections and the women’s participation in the same.
  • Hey there, Artist! Want to make a difference by pictures? The participate in the ‘Poster Making Competition‘ under the voters’ fest by Election Commission of India. The poster must be made either in A4 or A3 Size and uploaded in .gif, .bmp. .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf format.
  • Want to be the Tarantino for Indian Democracy? Then here is your chance to shoot a short film about the theme, ‘Role of Women in Elections’ and upload it on the website for the Voter’s Fest by Election Commission of India after the user registration is complete. The length of the film should not be more than 4 minutes and it should be uploaded in .mp4 or .wmv format.
  • Lastly, you can also participate in Voters Fest Competition by way of a simple QUIZ.
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What’s for the Winners of Voters’ Fest by Election Commission of India

The Voters’ Fest by Election Commission of India mentions that the winners from the all 7 of the above-mentioned competitions would receive appreciation certificates from the ECI itself. There is also a mention of several other attractive prizes for the best entries. Nevertheless, a certificate of appreciation from an institution as prestigious as the Election Commission of India is a prized possession in itself.

How to Register for Voters’ Fest by Election Commission of India

A single registration is required for uploading entries to all of the previously mentioned competitions under the voters’ fest by Election Commission of India. To register, you need to have a valid e-mail address and a phone number. To register for sending in your entries, just visit this link: –

Once you visit this link, enter your valid e-mail address and mobile number then click ‘Proceed’. On the succeeding page, you would be asked to enter certain details like name, state, etc. After completing the entries, you would finally be registered for the competitions under the Voters’ Fest by Election Commission of India. Make sure that you read all the rules and regulations carefully and submit great, fresh and original entries for all the competitions.

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The entries for this contest will be accepted from February 26, 2015 t0 March 31, 2015. For further details, please refer the following link –

 Online Competition for Indian Voters by Election Commission of India

*updated on March 13, 2015

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