My First Experience with the Electronic Voting Machine

Every year, a lot of young adults enter the world of Democracy in an active state. This means that millions in India become eligible for voting in the Elections, adding to the force of new voters. It is a big deal to turn 18, not because you cross a certain age to be called adults but also because you now become an even more active part of the society. You get to vote and also receive a voter id card which acts as a passport for your entry to the polling station, a place where you would generally find an Electronic Voting Machine.

first experience with the electronic voting machine

Hence, turning 18 is indeed an exciting big deal for the youth of India. Of course, you do not automatically become a voter when you turn 18. There are a few formalities you need to complete before you go in to perform your big duty towards the nation. We at www.VoterIDCard.org.in, have left no stone unturned in order to inform the youth about the various methods that help them register as new voters by filling the Form No. 6 and we are sure that our readers check these guides out and benefit from them too.

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In this article, we interview Mr. Rahul N. Bakshi, a resident of New Delhi. Mr. Bakshi turned 18 this year and hence, was able to cast his vote during the Delhi Assembly Re-elections held recently. We document his experiences with the Electronic Voting Machine and the new voter id card registration process.

The Experience with the Electronic Voting Machine

Interviewer: – Hello Rahul, how would you describe your first experience with the Electronic Voting Machine?

Rahul: – Hi! I would like to let you know that I was a bit nervous when I entered the polling booth for the first time. I had a lot apprehensions in my mind. The thing worried me the most was, what if I cast the vote for the wrong candidate or what if I am unable to cast my vote? But, thankfully at the first sight of the Electronic voting machine, I was assured that it had a very simple interface, the party symbols and the candidate names were clearly visible with the buttons for each being distinct. So there was no fear left and the machine was really easy to use. After a beep sound, the polling officer instructed me to go ahead. I pressed the button next to the name of the candidate I chose to vote for and instantly, a beep sound came off from the machine and the small light next to the candidate name lit on. To conclude I would like to tell all my fellow new voters that the electronic voting machine is really easy to use and all the poll officials are there for your help. Therefore, there is no need for nervousness.

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Experience Before the Electronic Voting Machine

Interviewer: – How was your experience before the Electronic Voting Machine part?

Rahul: – I assume that you’re asking me about my experience with the polling officials who checked my documents before I was allowed to cast my vote on the Electronic Voting machine?

Interviewer: – Exactly, that is what I meant.

Rahul: – Well, I must say that the officials were really courteous. Especially with senior citizens and the first time voters. When I mistakenly produced my college id card instead of the voters’ slip, the official smiled and politely instructed me to show the slip instead. I then presented the voters’ slip and after verifying the photograph and the details in the voters’ list, my signature was taken and then I was shown the compartment where the Electronic Voting Machine was kept. After casting my vote, I was inked on the forefinger of my left hand by another courteous official.

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Interviewer: – Thanks a lot for talking to us, Rahul. We wish you all the best for your future.

Rahul: – It was a pleasure talking to you and I wish all the success to www.VoterIDCard.org.in, a blog which really helped me at every step of voter registration.


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