Voter ID Card Registration Guide for Gujarat

Gujarat, one of the most prosperous states of India. Blooming with development and infrastructure, there has always been a strong interconnection between this desired well of being of the state and the democratic functioning. The proof of it is gained by the fact that the development here has always been credited to the political factors. People of Gujarat have always felt that the betterment of their surroundings has been an outcome of their political or electoral decisions.

True or Not, this feeling is natural. Therefore signifying the overall influence your vote could have on your state and hence the nation as a whole. You may or may not be satisfied with the governance you and your counterparts have elected for. In both the cases, it is mandatory that you cast your vote in order to retain or remove the governance you had earlier opted for. For that reason, we may call your Voter ID Card Gujarat as your ticket to development.

Even if you are satisfied with the present governmental environment, you still need to hold your election card and play it by casting your vote. This vote, when replicated by all your counterparts, would lead the present government to stay and hence let the great avenues of further development still be open. A Guide to Voter ID Card Online Registration for Gujarat. Contrary to that, if you demand change, you still have to use your Voter ID Card in Gujarat to achieve it.  Coming elections of Lok Sabha 2014 would be your platform to raise your voice or just keep your honest opinion. Therefore here we tell you stuff you should know about online Voter ID Card Registration in Gujarat, in case you are still not a registered voter. Out of the various means available for your Voter Registration in Gujarat, the Election Card Online process seems to be the most convenient and the least time consuming. Therefore we would further concentrate on various tasks related to this online method for applying for a new election card and inclusion of name into the voters’ list.

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Which Website to Visit, to Apply for Voter ID Card Online in Gujarat?

For the new voters who wish to register themselves and hence be a part of the wave aimed at increased prosperity of Gujarat, you would have to visit the CEO Website of Gujarat. This website has the following web address:- http://ceo.gujarat.gov.in/ A Guide to Voter ID Card Online Registration for Gujarat. When you are redirected to the CEO Website of Gujarat, you shall see a host of options on the right hand side of the web page. In order to get yourself registered as a voter for your voter id card, you have to click on the button saying ‘Online Voter Registration’. The direct link for this option is:- http://erms.gujarat.gov.in/ceo-gujarat/User_Registration.aspx

You need to first signup as a new visitor on the CEO Website in order to reach and fill the online voter id card form 6, the same is required for you to be a registered voter. Therefore to sign up for the CEO Gujarat website, simply click on the icon saying ‘New Member Sign Up’. Again, here is the direct link for the same:- http://erms.gujarat.gov.in/ceo-gujarat/User_Registration.aspx

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To sign up, you need provide the following personal details to the servers of the CEO Website. The info that you need fill in is:-

  • Name(First, Last and Middle)
  • Address
  • District
  • Pincode
  • Mobile No.
  • Email ID
  • User Name(Must be unique)
  • Password.

A Guide to Voter ID Card Online Registration for Gujarat. Upon completion of the Sign Up process, you shall be redirected to the Online Voter Registration Form 6. For guideline about filling the Voter ID Card Form 6, click here.

Need Assistance for Voter ID Card in Gujarat?

There maybe certain things for which you would need assistance while applying for your Voter ID Card Gujarat. For this reason, the CEO(Chief Election Officer) of this state has different alternatives for the voters. One of the fundamental grievance solving mechanism that the state of Gujarat has for the election card and voters’ list  is their Voter Helpline. You can reach out to this helpline by dialing 1590 on your phone. This helpline is functional on all weekdays only. The timings when it is operational are ’11 A.M to 6 P.M’.

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If you think that your query would be difficult to explain and be solved of telephone, you can reach your nearest ‘Matdar Sahayata Kendra’ or ‘Voters Facilitation Center‘ and present your query there. To find your designated or nearest VFC, you can visit the following link on the CEO Website of Gujarat:- http://ceo.gujarat.gov.in/MSK.aspx

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  1. name change voter id card.
    khadia-jamalpur word,astodia,ahmedabad. gujarar-380001.
    give me contact number of officer.
    give me address of your office.

    • Hi Soni,

      Kindly fill the Voter ID Card Correction Form 8 online – Found over here: Form 8 Online Submission

      In the form, Please carefully fill the Part V of the form and tick the Entry to be corrected, in your case the Name. Hope this helped.

  2. My date of birth real is 20/11/1989
    But my voting card in print 10/11/1989
    I want to date of birth 20/11/1989

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