Why Election Commission of India Issues Photo Identity Card to Voters?

Elections in India are monitored and implemented by the Election Commission of India (ECI) where the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) along with Election Commissioners (EC) oversee election procedures and delegate jobs to the Chief Electoral Officers (CEO)of each state. The major elections include Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Legislative Assemblies, Legislative Councils, Gram Panchayats, and Municipal elections.

The Electorate and the Identity Cards

While many aspiring politicians stand for elections, which are generally held after every 5 years, the electorate are the citizens of India from all states and union territories. All citizens who have become adults can vote only when they have a valid election identity card and have their names listed in the electoral roll. The Election Commission of India approves identity card of individuals and directs CEO to ensure that voter card verification is done and the voter card is issued to the applicant.

How ECI Manages Identify Card of Individuals

The ECI has been given powers to issue voter identity cards to eligible voters as per amendments in the R.P. Act. It also has the responsibility of…

  • Updating voter cards
  • Issuing duplicate cards in case the original card is lost
  • Providing the status of the electoral card
  • Updating the electoral roll
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…And, the autonomous body has the power and supervise the tasks of each state’s electoral officers, among other responsibilities.

Registering New Identity Cards

The Election Commission of India registers identity cards of all voters – new or existing. To register new electoral cards, you must:

  • Visit the state’s CEO website
  • Access the Online Forms section. A number of forms are displayed.
  • Click form 6 – if you want to apply for voter card afresh. You must fill in the form completely, upload 2 coloured photographs of yourself, and age proof and residential proof certificates.

The ECI delegates the job to the CEO of the state to ensure voter ID card is issued once the voter ID card verification is done. The special officers (Booth Level Officers) visit homes from time to time to verify the credentials given in the form.

Modifying Changes in the Identity Card

There can be many reasons why an electoral card is modified. For instance, you might change your residence. There might be a typo error in your Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC). The ECI also delegates this job to the CEO of the particular state from where you have been issued the electoral card. You need to visit the CEO website and…

  • Access Form 8 under the Online Form section.
  • Fill-in the form updating the new changes you want for the I-card.
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Applying for Duplicate I-Card

The Election Commission of India issues photo identity cards to eligible voters in India so that there is no false voting and genuine voters can cast vote with ease.

If you ever lose your identity card, you should seek another duplicate one. The ECI issues directives to the local election office to process the same. You need to:

  • File an FIR for your missing Identity Card.
  • Access Form 002 from the state CEO’s website.
  • Attach FIR document, address proof and age proof documents.
  • Upload the same by clicking the Submit button.

Importance of EPIC

The EPIC is an important entity to help you to cast your vote. It also helps you to get a number of privileges that is applicable to the citizen of India. For instance, you will be able to:

  • Get e-tickets after showing your identity card
  • File for passport
  • Get bank loans or open a bank account
  • Book hotels and board international flights

Importance of ECI

ECI ensures identity card is available to all eligible voters so that rigging and false voting is not done. As the constitutional body is responsible for free-and-fair elections in India, it has issued election I-cards to ensure genuine people can cast their votes. Today, there will be less chance of false voting due to the photo identity cards.

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You can check the status of your identity card on the Internet by logging in to your state’s CEO website. If you still have issues regarding your electoral card or getting your name listed in the electoral roll, you can visit the election office of your locality.

So, take the help of ECI for your election identity card so that you can vote easily and get many privileges as well.




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