Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi Enter the Delhi Assembly Elections

The CM Candidates for AAP, BJP and Congress are more or less obvious. The Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 date is also announced and hence, the campaigning by all the parties is in its full swing in the Capital. But till now, we haven’t seen a major involvement of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi in the campaigns for BJP and Congress, their respective parties. Of course, Mr. Modi has been appearing in all the newspaper ads, radio messages, etc. Except for one public rally at the Ram-Leela grounds, a few weeks ago, he has not addressed any more of them. Rahul Gandhi has also been missing in the Congress rallies, lately. He only appeared passively, on the party campaign hoardings.

Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi enter the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

Rahul Gandi, Narendra Modi and the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

Now, both Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi are entering the campaigning scene for the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015. Rahul Gandhi has already started marking his presence in the road shows organized by the party to prove their metal. He was present in a Congress road show that took place yesterday.

As far as Narendra Modi and his presence in the BJP campaigning rallies are concerned, we have some news. The Prime Minister would be addressing about four to five public rallies in the Capital, for the next few days. So, it could clearly be seen that the competition is getting tough in the political arena.

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Meanwhile, AAP Chief, Arvind Kejriwal is already quite immersed in the party campaigning for the Delhi Assembly Election due to his responsibility and role as the CM face for the party. He is being campaigned as ‘Janta Ka CM’ which translates to ‘People’s Chief Minister’. Arvind Kejriwal is an ex-IRS officer who was also previously a part of India Against Corruption Campaign headed by Anna Hazare.

BJP is campaigning with the face of Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate. Kiran Bedi(being an ex-IPS officer) sports a sterling reputation amongst the citizens of Delhi. Nevertheless, the party must have felt the need for including the presence of the very popular, Narendra Modi. Therefore, the rallies which would be conducted by him, are really going to important events for the party.

Congress is banking upon the Delhi which developed under their tenure of 10 years. The hoardings put up by the party have the slogan, ‘Delhi Banai Thi, Delhi Banaenge’, translates to, ‘We Developed Delhi, We Shall Continue to do So’. Rahul Gandhi being the vice president of the party, is called upon to join the campaigning for he may connect with the young voters. Otherwise, Congress also launched their manifesto, promising some interesting subsidies and provisions for the people of Delhi. The most noteworthy promise being to bring down the price of electricity to Rs. 1.50/- per unit.

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Controversies and Remarks During the Campaigning

While campaigning, controversies are bound to take place. For this reason, the Election Commission of India closely monitors the speeches made during different rallies and take instant action against any opinion that is found offensive to a community, ideology or a political party. For this reason, notices are issued as and when the Commission receives a viable complaint. For example, Arvind Kejriwal was issued 2 notices after repeatedly making remarks that were allegedly targeted offensively at ‘other parties’.

Kiran Bedi allegedly called Arvind Kejriwal a businessman in one of her TV interviews and that sparked a controversies leading furor by the AAP supporters and party workers. Although no notice was issued by the Election Commission of India, in this matter. Probably because no formal complaint was filed.

In one of his first and the most recent road shows, Rahul Gandi targeted PM Narendra Modi. According to his remarks, “Mr. Modi is only engaging in PR tactics and not doing the actual work for Development of India.” This indeed got all the BJP and Modi supporters fuming. BJP shortly counter remarked by claiming that it is not PR but rather Modi Pyaar(the love for Narendra Modi).

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Such controversies are a part and parcel of the campaigning process for every election and indeed the Delhi Assembly Election is no exception. What we do hope is that each and every leader, belonging to any political party whatsoever, fulfills his/her promises made for the best interest of the people of Delhi.

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