Can I get my Voter ID Print?

The Electors’ Photo Identity Card or the Epic Card, more commonly known as the Voter ID Card is issued by the Election Commission of India to all the citizens who are 18 years of age and above. This card acts as an identity proof to facilitate the casting of votes on polling days. Not only this, the same card can be used as general identity proof in our day to day lives. The Election Commission of India has many offline as well as online services where they can apply for their Voter ID Card, Check Voter ID status etc. the question that often arises is that whether one can get Voter ID Print if it is lost; like in case of Aadhar Card, where a printed copy is as good as original one? The question will be addressed and answered in detail in this article.

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Voter ID Print

Can I get my Voter ID Print?

To get Voter ID Print one naturally assumes that they can download the Voter ID Card using the Internet. The real question here, therefore, is Can one get Voter ID Card Download in the first place? And the answer to that is NO which means it is impossible to get Voter ID Print.

The Reasons why you would want Voter ID Print and their Alternate Solution:

  1. You might want a Voter ID print if you have to hand in, to some authority or another person a copy of your Voter ID card for identification and verification purposes. For this instead of wasting time to get a Voter ID Print, you could simply take a photocopy of your Voter ID Card and it would be considered just as valid.
  2. You might want to get Voter ID Print if you have lost or misplaced your Voter ID Card in that case you must, apply for a Duplicate Voter ID Card, which is very simple , hassle free and takes very less time.
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  1. You would like to vote for the Upcoming Elections in your constituency and don’t have a Voter ID Card with you. It is not much publicized but you no longer require a Voter ID Card for voting as long as your name appears on the constituencies’ Voter List, all you have to do is reach your assigned polling booth with a valid identity proof like a driving license, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Passport etc. and cast your vote.

Though you cannot download and Print Voter ID Card you can print the various forms you need to fill for Voter ID.

Voter ID Form Download

List of Forms you can Print and their Functions in relation to Voter ID Card:

  • Form 8 for rectification and correction of any details in the Voter ID Card- Click here to Print
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All you have to do after this is fill the form and submit it to your Election Registration Officer (ERO) with the required documents.

We hope this article was helpful, for more such information about Voter ID Card and latest news about Voter ID Card, Watch this space!

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