Interesting Facts About the Election Commission India

The Election Commission of India performs all the allotted electoral tasks with utter enthusiasm and seriousness. It not only keeps up with the latest technologies to make voting more legitimate, it also goes great miles to catch the attention of people of India to register as voters. For this reason, the ECI constantly ropes in influential figures to promote voter registration and inspire thousands of people who are not yet registered. Clearly, all the steps it takes, do in-fact capture the … [Read more...]

The Election Commission of India – Year in Review (2014)

From Lok Sabha elections to the Assembly elections 2014, we witnessed some ground breaking results. There was a huge change in the political landscape of the Indian political scene. The new government was elected by a total majority of voters. Narendra Modi took the oath as the new Prime Minister preceded by the huge expectations from the electors. Keeping aside all the political turbulence or the successes, there was a support system that stayed strong and worked day night to ensure that the … [Read more...]

TN Seshan and his role at Election Commission of India

India was under the foreign rule for over three decades. Freedom fighters all over the nation dedicated their lives to free India. After a long and arduous journey of these great men towards freedom, India was finally declared as a free nation in 15th August 1947. This was the starting point of democracy in Indian history. The word democracy means people rule. U.S President Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as "Government of the people, by the people and for the people". India being a very large … [Read more...]

Election Commission of India – How it works?

Know every detail of the Election Commission of India and how it works India gained Independence on August 15th 1947. It is the largest democratic country in the world. "Demo" means People and "Cratic" means rule. Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of America at Gettysburg address gave the meaning of Democracy as the rule by people and  government for the people, of the people and by the people. Government is constituted by the persons who are representative of peoples. How are these people … [Read more...]

How Does Election Commission helps In Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh?

India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world where there are 29 states. Every five years General Elections are held for the Lok Sabha where the electorates vote for their representatives throughout India. Lok Sabha Elections is a major milestone in the history and development of India but whether General Elections or Assembly elections, the state's Chief Electoral Office oversees the elections that take place in that particular State.  Election Commission Of Andhra Pradesh The … [Read more...]

How Does Election Commission Of India Help to Get a Voter ID Card?

Voting is one of the constitutional rights in India. As citizens of India it is our duty to franchise our vote for every political election. Every Indian Citizen over the age of 18 who has not been disqualified to be a voter can vote during the elections. Voter Identification (ID) Card is a unique identity card provided by the Government of India to every citizen of India. The issuing authority for the Voter ID is the Election Commission of India. The Election Commission provides the … [Read more...]