Why Election Commission of India Issues Photo Identity Card to Voters?

Elections in India are monitored and implemented by the Election Commission of India (ECI) where the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) along with Election Commissioners (EC) oversee election procedures and delegate jobs to the Chief Electoral Officers (CEO)of each state. The major elections include Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Legislative Assemblies, Legislative Councils, Gram Panchayats, and Municipal elections. The Electorate and the Identity Cards While many aspiring politicians stand for … [Read more...]

Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) – How to Get them from Voter Centers?

In a bid to remove the backlog of Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC), the Navi Mumbai district administration has launched a special distribution drive to distribute the already-created electoral cards. The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Mumbai has appointed officials to ensure voters facing problem to register their names in the voter list, modify certain changes in the existing voter card, or register for a new voter card altogether get a relief and their problems are addressed … [Read more...]

Why Election Commission of India exists?

After every few years Indian citizens participate in elections. The country, which is one of the largest democratic nations in the world, holds General Elections where Members of the Parliament are selected by the Indian people. Similarly, people also choose their state representatives in State Elections. Out of the many other elections held in the country, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is primary responsible for the General Elections and State Elections. Elections in India One of the … [Read more...]

An Insight to the Voter ID Card Registration in Tamil Nadu

During the course of this time when elections for the Lok Sabha are due this April, the Political Parties like AAP, Congress, BJP, etc. are busy gathering support from the common man. Whereas, we at www.VoterIDCard.org.in are passionate about enlightening those who wish to register themselves as voters and cast their Votes wisely. In this endeavor, we are trying to present articles about methods of Voter ID Card Registration in most of the states of our nation. In this article, our focus is … [Read more...]

How To Register Online For Voter ID Card In Jammu And Kashmir

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has not been left untouched by the euphoria that has gripped the nation. Post the victory of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the common has found their voice. The people from Jammu and Kashmir too want to be the part of this change by participating in elections. Just like rest all of the Indians, the residents of the state can also register online for voter ID card. The election authority of the state has their own website for this purpose. The Process Of Registering … [Read more...]

ECI to Start Issuing New Plastic Voter ID Cards in UP.

Many a times, there are a few anti-social elements of our society who wish to distort the whole idea of free and fair elections and hence do whatever they can to influence the results of voting by the decent and determined citizens who just wish to vote and elect their choice of candidate. From just the sound of this fact, it is easy to absorb that how would such a situation bring shame to the system and more importantly kill the whole idea of a democracy, where those in power are elected by the … [Read more...]