Documents for Voter ID Card Online – Complete List of Documents for Application

Here you will find a list of documents required to apply for Voter ID card online. This post will ensure your application is not rejected due to Documents for Voter ID Card not being correct. Elections are times when most of you responsible citizens visit the polling booths and make your opinion heard and count by choosing the ideal candidate. But, a responsible citizen is not merely judged by an intention to vote, instead, a responsible citizen is the one who is well endowed with all the … [Read more...]

What is the Quickest and the Easiest way to get a Voter ID Card in Rajasthan?

All those who just turned 18 might be thrilled to vote. India is the world’s largest democracy with the general public having the rights to elect a representative. Voting is a must for better India; our representative should be the voice of today’s youth. Elections are coming up and the election commission of India has declared this year as the voter enrolment year and election photo identity cards (EPIC). Voting is a fundamental right of the Indian citizens. NRIs are not allowed to … [Read more...]

I Have Lost my Electors Photo Identity Card Just Before the Elections, Can I Still Cast my Vote?

There are different situations when you forget or misplace an important belonging of yours. These situations are destined to occur every once in a while in a Citizen's life and hence these should not be used to judge a person for being negligent or ignorant. Whereas there are some belongings which should be taken extra care of. Belonging like, an Electors Photo Identity Card, is an extremely important document and hence should be in the priority list of citizens who wish to cast a vote during … [Read more...]

Election Card Form: How to correct minor mistakes in electoral details?

Form No. 08 is a very important form for the whole electoral process. This form helps the voter to correct the mistakes made while filling Election Card Forms i.e the mistakes in electoral details of the voter. Any kind of mistake in your electoral details is the last thing you would want if your intention is to cast a vote and make your opinion count for the betterment of your constituency or more importantly, your nation. Imagine you went to the polling booth and BLO(Booth Level Officer) did … [Read more...]

What is the speediest and the easiest way to get a Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh?

Nowadays we hear a lot of news reports and speculations about corruption by the government or other concerned authorities. One may think that as ordinary citizens we have nothing much to do about it. People end up being disappointed about the fact that there are a very few feathers in the cap of the government in terms of the work it does in the favor of these ordinary citizens. Why should not we complain? We pay taxes and spend time towards our duties to the whole system. We engage in getting … [Read more...]

When does one require to Fill Voter ID card Application Form 001?

Those looking to get themselves a voter ID card in India must note that the process has become quiet streamlined. This has been made possible due to the fact that the Election Commission of India itself has become Internet friendly. Nowadays, a lot of resources are available online for the common man that offer step by step guides like the one here:-www.voteridcard.org.in/108/new-duplicate-voter-id-card-guide  Such informative guides help the prospected voters to fill up the voter ID card … [Read more...]