Can you vote without voter card in India

Did it happened with you any once in a while or back in time that you just lost your voter card and couldn’t find it? Or you didn't receive your voter ID card in hand but have registered yourself in voters list before elections and so don’t have voter id card but still want to vote? Then read this article as this article deals with the ways to how you can Vote without having voter card in India. Sometimes it happens that you do not possesses your voter ID card in hand at the time of … [Read more...]

How to do Voter Registration Online?

Instant Noodles or Spaghetti? Airways or Railways? Standing in a queue or VIP attention? The obvious answers for a person who’s always in a hurry would be INSTANT NOODLES, AIRWAYS, VIP ATTENTION. Why? Because nobody likes to put more time in something that could be done in a matter of seconds. People have started doing almost everything online for the same. Another reason for this online attraction is the ease with which these jobs can be done. Like? Recharge, Shopping, Bill payments, etc. You … [Read more...]

30 Seconds to Check Status of Your Election ID Online

After applying for Election ID Online or Offline, all the applicants must have an idea about the time it would take for their application to be completed. The application is considered completed after an applicant submits his/her application form no. 6 online or offline and a few weeks later the BLO visits the applicant's address for a verification visit. When the BLO is able to successfully verify the identity of the voter by checking his/her documents for legitimacy, he forwards the … [Read more...]

My First Experience with the Electronic Voting Machine

Every year, a lot of young adults enter the world of Democracy in an active state. This means that millions in India become eligible for voting in the Elections, adding to the force of new voters. It is a big deal to turn 18, not because you cross a certain age to be called adults but also because you now become an even more active part of the society. You get to vote and also receive a voter id card which acts as a passport for your entry to the polling station, a place where you would … [Read more...]

How a Plastic Voter ID Card is Better than the Paper Card?

The Election Commission of India has openly conveyed its intentions to roll out Plastic Voter ID Cards instead of the present laminated ones. An EPIC is a very important document and hence there shall be no compromises in the quality and maintenance of it. Maintaining the voter id card is in the hands of the bearer or the voter, he/she must take adequate steps to store this document at a safe place and ensure that it is not damaged. The quality of the card is at the disposal of the Election … [Read more...]