How Effective and Easy is Voter ID Card Online Registration?

Today, voters cannot vote unless they have their Voter ID Card. Years back, no such photo-identity was required for people to exercise their franchise. However, there were malpractices in the voting system as many imposters cast votes instead of the authentic person. In fact, you could be in for shock during elections when you’d find that someone else has cast your vote. In short, electoral card is necessary to vote in India.

To get a voter’s ID card one must apply for it with suitable documents. It is possible to register for one’s voter card online with just a few clicks of the mouse in a PC. Let’s check how effective such online projects are in the next few paragraphs.

Why Require Voter ID Card

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is the authority in charge of holding free-and-fair elections in the country.  The head of the institution, the Chief Election Commissioner and state level election commissioners soon found out that eligible voters were often struck off from the voters list. Duplication, impersonation, and bogus voting were a common affair.

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As per the amendment of the R.P. Act, it was essential for voters to have Elector’s Photo Identity Cards (EPIC). The voter’s card would allow genuine voters to get registered at one particular constituency and vote as per his or her choice.

Applying for Electoral Card Online

To register for election card, one can do it online with just a click of few buttons or can visit the nearest Election Registration Officer (ERO) to collect the forms and submit the filled ones along with relevant documents.

To apply for electoral card online, one must follow the steps, such as:

  • Go your state’s election commission website. In the homepage there are text boxes to be filled in.
  • Specify your name, email ID and mobile number. The website automatically gives you a unique login number and password.
  • Login with the new login name and password. You will be directed to a page that has links of various forms. Click Form 6 if you are a new voter and have not got a voter’s ID card. Form 8 should be used to correct errors in the voter list and consequently get a valid electoral card in return. The Form 8A is used to transpose the entry of the voter.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Upload your passport size photo online.
  • Click “Submit” button.
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Electoral list is as important as elections. Online registration has come in vogue where government and state governments have initiated the process of making the entire transport, safe.

Online Registration – A Successful Effort

Should you do an Online Registration or Application of Voter ID Card?

The registration of the voter card is a successful way of keeping one’s name in the voter’s list. There are more reasons why online voter card registration is a successful effort. Through online registration:

So, online voter ID registration helps you to save money and time to process your photo-identity card.

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  1. sir i have registrate new online voter id but i didnt get my id number but in voter list is showing my name and photo but i didnt get voter id card

  2. We applied for voter card on-line on dated 6th June,2013 with application ID 04768442 and 04768448.So far we have not receive the card.If possible tell us the website in which the status can be checked on line.



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