How to apply for Voter ID card Delhi on CEO Delhi website

The Congress’s grip over Delhi loosened  by the time the legislative assembly elections were held in 2013. The rise of newly formed Aam Aadmi Party gained the attention of the people. This reflected in the results of 2013 assembly elections that were held in December 2013. Although there was no clear majority, this election swept the power from the 15 year Congress regime to the nascent Aam Aadmi Party. The Aam Aadmi wave did have its effect on the people of Delhi and their expectations amplified due to the promises made by the new government. This was even viewed as the starting point of effective governance. But the AAP government began to loose its momentum as the party members were unable to fulfil the mandates on which they were elected on. This situation grew to great heights and the government was unable to take control of it. Eventually, Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal chose to resign and the nation’s capital went under governor’s rule.The Bhartiya Janta Party  which won 33 seats in 2013 assembly elections told the Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung that it will be unable to from the government. According to the PTI report sent by the Governor to the President Pranab Mukherjee, the lieutenant Governor has recommended the dissolution of Delhi Assembly.

As the nation’s capital heads for a fresh election,  parties contesting have fabricated new strategies for their campaign. CEO Delhi is all set to face the election.People of Delhi can log on to CEO Delhi official website to perform various tasks like applying for a new Voter ID Card, checking the Voter Card application status, checking the name in the voter’s list, etc. using the Voter’s Search Module.

Apply for Voter ID Card Delhi on CEO Delhi website

Apply Online For Voter ID Card In Delhi

The CEO Delhi Official Website can be accessed using the address in your browser: www.ceodelhi.nic.in – on this website, voters in Delhi can perform any voting related tasks using the Voter’s Search Module with ease.

The list of services in the CEO Delhi website is mentioned below:

  • Apply for Voter ID Card in Delhi ( applying for name inclusion in Voters’ list)
  • Know details about your Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency
  • About your Booth Level Officer(BLO)
  • Check your name in the voters’ list
  • Check the status of your application for enrolment
  • List of Designated Locations
  • Search for your name and apply for deletion from a constituency’s voters list.
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All these tasks can be performed on CEO Delhi website and is less time consuming. All election related queries can be solved visiting this website. The CEO Delhi website is user friendly and any new user can preform any task without trouble. To include your name in the Voters’ list you need to fill in the application Form 6.

There are two methods of applying online for voter ID Card:

  • Voter ID Card online application
  • Download Form 6 and submit by post or personally to VREC office

 To Apply Through Online Application

To apply online for voter ID card in Delhi, you have to visit the web address mentioned above. On reaching the homepage of CEO Delhi Website, click on Enroll Online button present in the right top corner of the webpage.

How to apply online Voter Card Delhi

If you are a new user, you have to create a new user name and password by signing up on CEO Delhi website. Fill in the details like name, address, city, state, pin code, mobile number, land line number, occupation etc. After creating an account Sign in using the username and password. You need to upload the soft copy of address proof, identity proof and your photograph in the space given. After filling in all the required information submit the application. The Booth Level Officer(BLO) will visit the address mentioned in your application and verify your photograph with you in person. After your application has been accepted, your name will be included in the voter’s list. The voter Identity card for all first time applicants will be handed over to your nearest EPO/EPIC Office. In case you are unable to upload the Identity proof and Address proof online, the BLO officer who will come to verify the information will collect all the documents.

The soft copy of the following documents are required to apply online

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Address Proof (Any one):

  • Ration Card/Passport/Driving license/Income tax return filed
  • Bank/Kisan/Post office Current Pass Book
  • Latest Telephone/Electricity/water bill in the name of the applicant or in immediate relation’s name

Age proof (Any one):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driving License
  • Passport/PAN card
  • High school Certificate

 By Downloading Form 6 From CEO Delhi Website

To apply by downloading the application form from the website, go to the CEO Delhi official website and click on the ‘Forms’ option.

Here is a list of some of forms available in CEO Delhi Website are

  • Form 6
  • Form  6A
  • Form 7
  • Form 8
  • Form 8A

Fill in all the necessary details and stick one passport size photo in the space given. You have to attach the Address proof and Identity proof along with the application form. Submit the duly filled form by post or personally to VREC of your Assembly Constituency. To know your Assembly and Constituency, use the Voter’s Search Module in the CEO Delhi website.

How To Check My Delhi Voter ID Card Application Status Online?

Various voting related tasks can be performed using the Voter’s Search Module in the CEO Delhi Official website. To check the status of your application, go to the CEO Delhi webpage and click on know the status of your application for enrolment. Click on the radio button against the form for which you intend to check the status and enter the application ID. After filling in the required details, click on the Search button. The information regarding your application can be accessed. For any further help, you can refer our supplementary guide on applying for Voter Card online available at this link.

I Have Received My Voter ID Card And There Is A  Mistake, What To Do?

If there is any mistake in your voter identity card, you have to visit CEO Delhi Website and download Form 8. Fill in the required details along with a proof of the correct information. You need to attach an address proof and age proof along with the application and submit in VREC of your Assembly Constituency. In case the mistake is from the end of Election Officials, the correction will be made free of charge and if the mistake is on you part, you will be charged Rs.25/-.

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How To Check My Name In The Voter’s List?

To check the status of your Voter ID Card Delhi online or by SMS, please refer our detailed guide available over here.This  will direct you to the Voter’s search module. You have to fill in the details like District name and number, Constituency name and number, your name, house number, etc. After filling in the details, click on the search button. You can also use your Voter ID card number.

I Lost My Delhi Voter ID Card, How Can I Apply For A Duplicate Voter ID Card?

Voter’s ID Card not only allows you to cast vote but it is also a valid identity proof. Sometimes, it may happen that your Voter ID gets lost. If you does not possess a Voter ID card , you will not be allowed to cast your vote. To apply for a duplicate voter ID card, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • File a FIR with the police informing the loss of your voter ID card and keep a copy with you
  • Download Form 002 from CEO Delhi Website
  • Fill in the form and attach a copy of the FIR
  • Attach your Address proof and Identity proof
  • Submit the duly filled-in form in VREC of your assembly constituency

You can check the status of your application in CEO Delhi Official Website.

How To Check Your Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency?

To check your Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency, click on know your Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency option in the CEO Delhi homepage. There are two ways of searching your constituency:

  • By entering your Locality Name
  • By searching through Map

Both the options are user friendly and the user can access with ease.

Other Guidelines for the voters and options like Online complaints and suggestions are also available in CEO Delhi Official website.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have any queries in regards to Voter ID Card Delhi.

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