Check Your Name in Tamil Nadu Voters List in 3 Steps on the New Tamil Nadu Election Website

If you are wondering whether your name has been included in Tamil Nadu Voters List, you can check it online. The revised TN voter list allows you to check your name district wise. The new Tamil Nadu Voters List has already been published on the 11th of January 2016.

The online procedure to check your name on the Voters List is very easy and can be done in simple steps. In this article we explain you, in simple terms, the way to check your name on Tamil Nadu Voters List.

To Know more about the Upcoming Tamil Nadu Elections – click here.

Check Your Name in Tamil Nadu Voters List – 3 Step easy process:

Tamil Nadu Election Commission Website is among the very-very few Govt. website which is user-friendly and beautiful to see at the same time.

Infact the overall election process will be pretty Tech-Savvy. See the details here.

To check your name on the Voters List one would firstly have to visit the official website. To do that click here.

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Step 1:

Once you enter the page, you see the Web portal for the Election Commission Of India (Tamil Nadu). Of the various options that you see, click on the ‘Electoral Services’ option.

Tamil Nadu Voters List - Web portal screenshot

Step 2:

Once you have chosen the Electoral Services option, a list of services open up, choose the ‘Search Your Details’ option.

Tamil Nadu Voters List - voter services

Step 3:

Now you have a page that asks you if you want to search your name and details on the TN Voter List by the EPIC number and name or if you you want to Download the entire electoral roll as a PDF file.

  • If you choose the PDF file download, the entire Electoral Roll of Tamil Nadu gets downloaded on your device. You can now look for your name and details in the list.
  • To make the search more refined, it is advisable you choose the EPIC number search option. Once you click on that, you are redirected to a page where you are asked to enter your Voter ID/EPIC number.
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Choose the option you are OK with and proceed to check your name.

Tamil Nadu Voters List - electoral roll

Search Your Name in TN Voter List with EPIC (Election Photo Identity Card) Number and Name:

Enter your EPIC number and you will be shown the details and if your name is on the Tamil Nadu Voters List.

Tamil Nadu Voters List - EPIC number

In case you are unaware of your EPIC, choose the ‘dont know EPIC’ option and you would be redirected to a page where you can search your name on the TN Voter List by name and district.

Tamil Nadu Voters List - search by name and district

Being redirected to this page, you would have to fill in your name and district (mandatory) in the spaces provided for the same. once you are done, click on the submit option and you will be shown your name on Tamil Nadu Voters list if it is on it.

Tamil Nadu Electoral Roll – And Why You Need to Check your Name:

It is very essential to check your name on the Voters List, to ensure you can practice your right to vote. There are lot of fraudulent activities going around, and not checking your name beforehand could, in an indirect way promote or rather help such activities to prosper.

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According to the latest statistics, women have outnumbered men in Tamil Nadu Electoral Roll. There are 2.91 crore women voters and 2.88 crore men voters in the state. There are about 614892 first time voters. Of them, around 345132 are men and 269617 are women. More than 3.85 lack names have been deleted. To know about the Candidate List and the Political Parties participating in the upcoming elections, – click here.

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