How to Vote in the Coming Haryana Assembly Elections 2014?

Haryana is one of the most important states in India. Be it the employment and infrastructure hub Gurgaon or the roots of green revolution, this beautiful and economically prosperous state has some of the landmark Indian personalities like sportsmen, politicians, film stars along with cities like Chandigarh, Gurgaon, etc. that act as active economic hubs. It is also the state of prosperous farmers and fertile lands so much that the history of green revolution does indeed hold Haryana on a prominent stand.

Since the economic value and worth of this state is so high therefore, it is very much required that an appropriate government and leaders are elected so that the true potential of this vibrant state in unleashed. Therefore, you the voters have the responsibility of electing the right government for their very own state, in the coming Haryana Assembly Elections 2014

So if you want to impart your duty toward the democracy and Haryana, by voting for a candidate/party you think could make a difference or even for the present government, then here is a guide about becoming a voter in Haryana and vote in the coming assembly elections.

how to get your voter id card in Haryana

Vote in the Haryana Assembly Elections 2014

To vote in the upcoming assembly elections in Haryana or any other state, you can do so only if you have your name registered in the voter list 2014 of your constituency in Haryana. There is an election commission of India registration form for every electoral activity. For inclusion of name into the voter list 2014, you have to fill the form no. 6. This form is available at the local ERO office, at your nearest polling booth(if the summary revision drive is going on) or even available online for download on the CEO Haryana and the ECI website.

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If you wish to fill this form offline, then you can procure it from the above mentioned avenues and then take out a pen to fill in all the mandatory fields on present in the different sections of the form. The form is divided into 4 parts.

  • Part 1- Asks you to enter your personal details like name, age, gender, d.o.b, pace  of birth and your parent’s/spouse’s name.
  • Part 2- Asks you to enter the particulars of the place of present residence i.e the full address details.
  • Part 3- Asks the details of the applicant’s family members who are already registered as voters.
  • Part 4- Declaration. This section also asks you to enter the details about your current voter registration(if already registered), in case you are shifting to a new constituency of residence.

The form no. 6 also requires you to attach the identity, age, d.o.b and residence proof documents which would validate the details entered while filling the form no. 6. Ensuring all of the above is attached and filled completely, you would soon get your name in the voter list 2014 of Haryana, receive your voter id card and be able to vote in the assembly elections 2014.

The completed application form needs to be sent to the designated electoral registration officer of your constituency. You can do that either by post or also by submitting it in person at the ERO office.

Register Online for Voter ID Card Haryana

CEO Haryana website could help you register for a voter id card in Haryana from the comfort of your home or office. You can apply online to become a voter in Haryan and be eligible to vote in the coming assembly elections. To apply online, you can either visit the CEO website viz. ceoharyana.nic.in or ECI official portal which is www.eci.nic.in

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Click here for a guide to apply online on the election commission of India website.

To apply on the CEO Haryana website, type www.ceoharyana.nic.in in the address bar of your internet browser. On the home page of the website, you would see the following online voter services: –

  • Check Name in Voters’ List.
  • Know your BLOs.c
  • Online Voter Registration.[Click this option on homepage of CEO website for online registration].
  • Public Grievances.
  • Forms Download for Voter Registration.
  • Track Application Status.

assembly elections Haryana 2014 apply for voter id card online or offline

Once you click on the option ‘Online Voter Registration’, you would be taken to page with instructions. Read these and then again click on an option that reads, ‘Click to Register Online’. You would then be taken to ECI login page. Select login as: – ‘Citizen’ and the click the login button. On the landing page, you would have to enter the user name and password. If you are not already a registered user on the election commission of India website then you can click on ‘New user registration’ and register yourself. You can then use the created login details to access the online voter registration form for inclusion of name to the voter list 2014 in Haryana or any other state you belong to(or live in). The details that you need to enter in the online form no. 6 are the same as the ones mentioned in the previous sections. Uploading the documents is not necessary as you can present them to the BLO who visits your residence for verification. Although uploading your photograph in .JPEG format is mandatory while applying online for voter id card in Haryana or any other state. The file size of the image must not be larger than 35 KB.

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Check Name in the Haryana Voter List 2014

If you already are a registered voter in Haryana, chances are that you would be able to cast your vote in the coming assembly elections. But to be 100 percent sure about your voting right, you must check your name in the electoral roll to ensure that there are mistakes like factual errors and spelling mistakes in your voter details in the voter list of your constituency.

You can check your name in the voter list online by visiting www.ceoharyana.nic.in and clicking on the option that says ‘Check your name in the voter list’. You would be given 2 options on the next page. These are : –

  • Search by voter details.
  • Search by voter id.

It is preferred if you search by voter id because then you would only need to enter your Haryana voter id card number and you would be shown your voter id details if they are entered in the voter list of your constituency in your state.

how to check your name in the voter list Haryana 2014

You can check your name/voter details in Haryana offline by sending a simple SMS from your mobile phone. Just type VOTEHRY<space>’Your voter id card number’ and send it to 9954699899

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