How Do I Check The Status Of My Election Card?

Once you attain 18 years of age, you are entitled to get your election card. An election card is your direct entry into the polling booth. It is your way to speak, to show and to be the change. It is issued by the election commission of India. It works as an identity proof to avoid malpractices such as bogus voting, rigging and cross voting. How Does Election Commission Help To Issue An Election Card? The election commission of India issues an election card only after verifying all the … [Read more...]

What Are The Various Ways to Get A Voter ID Card?

What is a Voter ID Card? A Voter ID card is an important identity document. It is used for several purposes. It serves as a photo identity in several situations such as when applying for a loan, at a domestic airport, to open a bank account, and so on. Voter ID card is not a plastic card or smart card; it is a black and white bank size card. It contains the photo, date of birth, and address of the card holder. It also contains the serial number, a hologram sticker and stamped signature of … [Read more...]

The Election Commission of India 2014 Voter ID Card Registration

A Voter ID Card is a very important piece of document not only during the elections but also during non-election years. But still being endowed with one well before the election day does help you ensure that you would be able to cast your vote and make your opinion count. Although nowadays there is an important alternative that is readily accepted at polling booths to validate and verify voter identities and that is the voter slip but that does not take away the lime-light of importance from the … [Read more...]

What is the Process Of Getting A Voter ID Card?

Election Commission of India and Voter ID Card The elections are held in India under the supervision of the Election Commission of India. It is the duty of the Election Commission to ensure that free and fair elections are held at regular intervals as per the principles enshrined in the Constitution. The voter Id is also an important document issued by the Election commission of India to make the procedure of voting smooth and free of malpractices. It is issued after verifying all the … [Read more...]

How to Apply on CEO Andhra Website for new Voter ID Card?

Andhra Pradesh has always been a vast and culturally prosperous state of India. Recently Telangana was carved out as a separate of state owing to a situation of better administration by the previous UPA government. Voters in Andhra Pradesh are always enthusiastic about the idea of electing representatives and therefore the Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh and his office is committed towards their betterment and keep on taking steps to ensure smooth registration of voters in large … [Read more...]

Detailed Guidelines to Check Voter ID Card Status Online and Offline

Voter ID Cards are issued by the Election Commission of India. It is a direct passport to the polling booth for assembly and parliamentary Elections and hence affect the whole democracy by your choice of candidate. It is not only restricted for polling purpose but a Voter ID Card also acts as an identity proof, you can also use it to book tatkal tickets and get the driving license. We highlight to you the process of getting a Voter ID Card, the various forms that have to be submitted whereas … [Read more...]