Check Your Name in Tamil Nadu Voters List in 3 Steps on the New Tamil Nadu Election Website

If you are wondering whether your name has been included in Tamil Nadu Voters List, you can check it online. The revised TN voter list allows you to check your name district wise. The new Tamil Nadu Voters List has already been published on the 11th of January 2016. The online procedure to check your name on the Voters List is very easy and can be done in simple steps. In this article we explain you, in simple terms, the way to check your name on Tamil Nadu Voters List. To Know more about the … [Read more...]

Tamil Nadu Elections – Important Dates and Interesting Facts

The Election Commission on March 4th 2016 announced the schedule for Tamil Nadu Elections as well as in 3 other States and 1 Union Territory which includes Election in Assam, West Bengal, Kerala & Puducherry. The Tamil Nadu Elections for 234 constituencies of Legislative Assembly will be held on May 16. Click Here for CEO Tamil Nadu - Complete Information and Helpdesk Tamil Nadu Elections - Important Dates and Quick Facts: The tenure of fourteenth Assembly of Tamil Nadu ends in May … [Read more...]

Election Commission TamilNadu Plans a Tech Savvy Election this Year?

The office of the Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) has just brought in a wide range of voter centered of tech initiatives. "Voters' convenience and better election management are two important objectives [of these tech initiatives]," said Rajesh Lakhoni Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Election Commission Tamilnadu . Election Commission TamilNadu - Election Plan 2016: For Contact Details and other Useful Information on CEO TamilNadu - Click Here Check the Mobile App for your … [Read more...]

How to get your Voter ID Verification done?

Nowadays, Voter ID card is used extensively in every official work related to government department as an important proof of identity. Every citizen of India who is 18 years old or above should apply for a Voter ID card. Voter ID card assists us in various factors. It will allow you all the rights necessary to get entitled to vote. Furthermore, it is also used as a proof of identity & contains essential information of an individual’s age, name & address. However, after applying online … [Read more...]

Major Parties and their Chances in the Upcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly Election

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election is conducted every 5 years by Election Commission of India. In the upcoming state election, people of the state will elect their representatives and hence, will decide the future state government. The last Tamil Nadu assembly election was held in 2011. In that election, AIADMK got the victory and J Jayalalithaa was sworn as Chief Minister of the State.  Major Influential Political Parties in Tamil Nadu: Other major political parties in Tamil Nadu: Winning … [Read more...]

How to file an FIR for Lost Voter ID Card?

It will be an extremely dreadful situation for anyone if they lose their identity proof document like Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Passport, etc. If ever you lose your Voter ID Card by any means. Firstly go to your local police station and lodge an FIR for Lost Voter ID Card. If you don’t have the photocopy they may or may not lodge your FIR, but generally if you have the voter id card number, then the police will file an FIR based on that number. Through this article, we would like to give you … [Read more...]