Can you vote without voter card in India

Did it happened with you any once in a while or back in time that you just lost your voter card and couldn’t find it? Or you didn't receive your voter ID card in hand but have registered yourself in voters list before elections and so don’t have voter id card but still want to vote? Then read this article as this article deals with the ways to how you can Vote without having voter card in India. Sometimes it happens that you do not possesses your voter ID card in hand at the time of … [Read more...]

30 Seconds to Check Status of Your Election ID Online

After applying for Election ID Online or Offline, all the applicants must have an idea about the time it would take for their application to be completed. The application is considered completed after an applicant submits his/her application form no. 6 online or offline and a few weeks later the BLO visits the applicant's address for a verification visit. When the BLO is able to successfully verify the identity of the voter by checking his/her documents for legitimacy, he forwards the … [Read more...]

Easiest Way to Apply For New Voter ID Card

The Election Commission of India has recently revolutionized the way online voter registration tasks are carried out. The reason for this revolution is the launching of the National Voters' Service Portal. The NVSP is now the one stop web portal for all your voter registration queries. NVSP.in is now also the official website where you can apply for new voter id card in minutes. This is a quick article to instruct you how to complete new voter registration and apply for new voter id card Online … [Read more...]

How to Download Voter ID Card Form No. 6 Hindi?

Most of the official work in India is carried out in English. All through the lives of students, they are pressurized to gather knowledge of English and are pushed to achieve fluency in it. However, the fact remains that it is Hindi which is our National Language. Not only more than 258 million people speak it, but, this language is also a source of unity and National pride. Considering the fact that a lot more people are comfortable with Hindi as compared to English in India, it is obvious that … [Read more...]

Search Your Name in the Electoral Roll (Voter List)

Voter Search: The best and simple guide for searching your name in Electoral Roll also known as Voter List, which answers a simple question - How to search your name in Electoral Roll? Every Election has a lot of things different from the previous one. Different candidates, different officials, different agendas, different issues, and what not. But still there are a few component of every Election, which are so indispensable that it is difficult to imagine an Election without them. Obviously, … [Read more...]

National Voters Day- Chalo banayee India Behtar, Vote karay hum milkar

India- the world largest democracy, with a population of 1.25 billion it is a place where the world’s largest election process takes place. Election Commission of India is the supreme authority with regard to the elections in India. It decides the various dates and processes involved in the elections. It is responsible for maintaining the records regarding all national and assembly elections and issues the Dos and the Don't's for the contesting candidates. It was founded on 25th of January … [Read more...]