Why Couldn’t I get my Voter Identity Card?

Any well educated or a well brought up Indian individual would know, how important it is to electorally participate in the society. One of the most fundamental ways in which a person could contribute to the well being of the society, is by electoral participation. By casting your vote, you keep up your opinion about how the governance for your nation should be. The voter identity card issued by the Election Commission of India is your companion in doing so. You can get it by applying online or … [Read more...]

Election Commission of India Identity Card- A Complete Description

In one of our previous articles, we laid down a list of all the important electoral tasks conducted by the Election Commission in the year 2014. There and then, we also emphasized on the importance of the innovations like the electronic voting machine and the voter id cards. So, now we dedicate this article towards imparting some important information about the Election Commission of India identity card, or as many people call it, the EPIC(electors' photo identity card). Here, we lay down a … [Read more...]

How do Election Officers Conduct Voter ID Card Verification?

The distribution of the voting cards should be carried out with utter precision because any loopholes in such a distribution could render the malpractice of bogus voting more widespread. For this reason, newly applying voters are duly verified before their names are included in the voters' lists and before they are issued the election commission identity cards(voting cards). Hence, in this article we discuss about the way in which the voter id card verification is carried out by the BLOs(Booth … [Read more...]

The Election Commission of India – Year in Review (2014)

From Lok Sabha elections to the Assembly elections 2014, we witnessed some ground breaking results. There was a huge change in the political landscape of the Indian political scene. The new government was elected by a total majority of voters. Narendra Modi took the oath as the new Prime Minister preceded by the huge expectations from the electors. Keeping aside all the political turbulence or the successes, there was a support system that stayed strong and worked day night to ensure that the … [Read more...]

How to Apply for Voter ID Card Online in Mumbai?

Mumbai, the city of dreams and also the financial capital of India. This city is a prominent part of the state of Maharashtra and a hub of glamour and entertainment industry. Bollywood resides here and also millions of dreams along with the people who bring them along to this beautiful city. This city has tremendous importance for India and therefore, the voters of Mumbai must take their duty of voting really seriously. It is of utmost importance that a legit and highly functional government and … [Read more...]

How to Vote in the Coming Haryana Assembly Elections 2014?

Haryana is one of the most important states in India. Be it the employment and infrastructure hub Gurgaon or the roots of green revolution, this beautiful and economically prosperous state has some of the landmark Indian personalities like sportsmen, politicians, film stars along with cities like Chandigarh, Gurgaon, etc. that act as active economic hubs. It is also the state of prosperous farmers and fertile lands so much that the history of green revolution does indeed hold Haryana on a … [Read more...]