Lok Sabha Election 2014 Dates Announced – Detailed Guide on Voter ID Card

The Election Commission of India has made its first move of the election season of 2014. The commission has officially announced the schedule and dates for the Lok Sabha 2014 Elections. Also knows as the General Elections, these aim to elect a Central Government in India. This also means that the fate of the nation is more or less dependent on these elections.

Highest ever, the 16th Lok Sabha Elections are going to take place in 9 Phases. The First phase of LokSabha 2014 Elections will start from 7th April 2014 and 9th Phase will be on 12th may 2014. Election Results will be declared on May 16, 2014. The whole election process would end within 72 days which is 3 days lesser than the last general elections held in 2009. There are 543 Lok Sabha Constituencies in our nation.

BJP is one of the key parties in the 2014 Lok Sabha General Elections

There is much hype about the Lok Sabha 2014 elections with BJP’s country-wide campaign to promote Narendra Modi as their Prime ministerial Candidate, the Aam Aadmi Party’s claims to bring about revolutionary change in the political landscape under Arvind Kejrival’s leadership and the Congress trying to cash upon Rahul Gandhi and the development they claim [Continue reading]

Everything You Wanted To Know About CEO Andhra

Details about Chief Electoral Officer, CEO Andhra Pradesh and AP Voter List

The office of Andhra’s Chief Electoral Officer handles all the various election related activities within the state of Andhra Pradesh. It works directly under the watchful eyes of the Election Commission of India. The CEO Andhra also looks over the … [Continue reading]

Voter ID Card – A Detailed Guide to Get New / Duplicate Voter Card or Check status

Voter ID Card - Get New or Duplicate Card or Check status of Voter Card

India is one of the biggest democratic countries in the world where Indian citizens vote for their representatives. A valid voter’s list with each voter having a voter ID card is a must to ensure elections are free-and-fair and legally viable. The … [Continue reading]

Can You Vote Online or Send the Voting Slip by Post?

The voters who are not able to mark their presence at their home constituencies, may ask questions like, Can We Vote Online or Send our Voting Slip by post?

Today, the net has helped in completing many tasks which would have been impossible a few years back. For instance, voters in India can now apply for their voter cards online or find out if their names have been enlisted in the voter list by just … [Continue reading]

How to Modify EPIC through Online Voter ID Registration Process?

Many EPIC holders have incorrect data in their voter card. It is possible to modify changes that also reflect in the voter list through Form 8.

Today, Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is essential to cast vote in India. As per the directives of the Election Commission of India (ECI), voters have been given their voter ID card that includes their age, address, name, and photo. However, … [Continue reading]

Why Election Commission of India Issues Photo Identity Card to Voters?

The Election Commission of India issues photo identity cards to eligible voters in India so that there is no false voting and genuine voters can cast vote with ease.

Elections in India are monitored and implemented by the Election Commission of India (ECI) where the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) along with Election Commissioners (EC) oversee election procedures and delegate jobs to the Chief Electoral … [Continue reading]

Get Online Voter ID Registration Help at Centers Set up by ADM in Allahabad

ADM in Allahabad has set up helpdesk to advice voters who plan to go for voter ID online registration. The helpdesk will help CEO to know how to improve on online registration process in the near future.

As the elections, 2014 is just round the corner and there is hardly a month left for the entire nation to witness polls, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has come up with many solutions to ensure eligible voters can exercise their … [Continue reading]

How to Check VoterID Status or Modify the Identity Card from Mobile Phone?

A bulk of the population today is travelling most of the time during the day. Checking voter ID status using a mobile phone can be convenient to them.

It is a reality that many people will not take the hassle of visiting the Election Registration Officer (ERO) to apply for their voterID, check the status, or inquire if their names have been uploaded in the voter list. Most however, can use a mobile … [Continue reading]

Can Teenagers Go for Online Voter Registration?

CEO website of a particular state allows online voter registration even for those who have attained 18 years of age and didn’t have a voter card earlier.

Each year, thousands of teens attain 18 years of age. As they become adults, they are eligible to cast their votes. This signifies that they are eligible apply for their voter ID card. The Election Commission of India (ECI) had earlier made voter ID … [Continue reading]

What Tips to Follow when Applying for Online Voter ID?

When applying for online voter ID card, one must ensure that proper documents are uploaded and particular form is accessed from the CEO website.

In India, elections are regularly held to select leaders for the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies, State Councils, Gram Panchayats, and Municipal Corporation. Although the Election Commission of India (ECI) made it mandatory to … [Continue reading]

How can NRIs get ID Card to Vote During Elections?

NRIs can cast their votes, get an electoral ID card, and get their name listed in the electoral roll as well by just accessing the CEO website

It is not new that there are many non-residential Indians working in various countries across the world. Some are working for decades while few have just ventured out for study-cum-work option. In any case, there are many NRIs who... 1). Hold only … [Continue reading]

How to Check my Name in the Electoral Roll after Updating Election ID?

There is a ‘Search’ option in the CEO website that allows voters to search for their names in the electoral roll after they have updated their voter card.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is the constitutional head for all election related activities, such as supervising the polls, managing the electoral roll and voter cards. It directs the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of each state to ensure … [Continue reading]

Visit Voter Assistance Booths for all your Voter Card Solutions

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has directed the chief Electoral Officers of each state to setup voter assistance booth for voter card inquiry at the polling stations.

The 2014 General Elections are to be held from April 07 to May 12 in 9 phases. However, eligible voters must not only have their voter card updated but also have their names listed in the voter list. There have been many issues regarding these two … [Continue reading]