Want to Work for the Election Commission of India? Here is the Chance

The Election Commission of India is a very prestigious constitutional body which monitors and conducts Election in India. It also passes orders and issues notices to the leader and parties on default on protocols or on the model code of conduct during the campaigning days. In other words, the ECI is the guardian of the Indian Democracy. It is an active vigilante, protecting the rights of the voters and at the same time spreading awareness about the importance of the Electoral system of the … [Read more...]

CEO Karnataka – Complete Information and Helpdesk

Karnataka is a State in Southern India consisting of nearly 30 districts. The capital of the State is Bangalore and the Chief Minister is Mr.Siddahramaiah of the Indian National Congress Party. The current Governor of the State is Mr. Vajubai Bala. The body which takes care of the Electoral process in the state is called the CEO Karnataka. There are 30 districts in the state. These 30 districts are: Bangalore Belgaum Mysore Tumkur Gulbarga Bellary Bijapur Dakshina … [Read more...]

CEO Haryana- Complete Information and Helpdesk

The name Haryana has an unique implication – the Abode of God. In Sanskrit, Hari implies God and Ayana is home. This vibrant state presents a magnificent kaleidoscope of various landscapes, showcasing magnificent archaeology, and celebrating art and refinement. A state that has transcended on an expedition and preserved the best of both the worlds – the footprints of the past eras and a futuristic vision. More Information About CEO Haryana Haryana, formerly a portion of the province of … [Read more...]

CEO Andhra Pradesh – Complete Information and Helpdesk

Before we talk about the CEO Andhra Pradesh, let us take an interesting detour and find out more about the intriguing state, AP. The third largest state, Andhra Pradesh encompasses 20 districts, was formed on 1st November, 1965 by Jawaharlal Nehru. Later three districts were added to it by Prakasam, Ranga Reddy and Vizianagaram in the years 1970,1978 and 1979. However the state was recently split into as Andhra Pradesh and Telangana due to the agitation of the people. Now Andhra Pradesh … [Read more...]

The Voters’ Fest by Election Commission of India – Showcase your Talent

The Voters' Fest by Election Commission of India is a golden opportunity for the talented young minds of India, on the occasion of National Voters' Day 2015. This fest actually a series of online competitions open for the voters and children across a wide range of age groups. It is actually a wonderful idea executed by the ECI in order to increase its outreach to the young minds and let them have an opportunity of presenting the views arising from their blooming brains. The series of … [Read more...]

Two in One Offer! Link Aadhar Card to EPIC

Fake and defunct voter id cards bring fake and bogus voters to the polling booths during the Elections. It has been an ambition of each and every well wisher of the Indian Democracy along with the Election Commission of India to have totally 'Free and Fair' Elections. In the present Election scene of India, bogus voters and fake voter id card play the role of greatest hindrances to the idea of 'Free and Fair' Elections in India. Crores of fake voter id cards and corresponding bogus voters exist … [Read more...]