Kiran Bedi and the 2 Voter ID Cards

Delhi Assembly Elections are less than a week far. Party workers of different backgrounds are united to ensure a victory for their respective parties. Campaigning and the hustle-bustle have become a part of the daily life of the Citizens of Delhi. Party leaders are working on their own platforms, giving out remarks, making promises and finding out flaws in the rival parties. News channels are also doing their bit by highlighting the promises and remarks by all three possible CM Candidates by … [Read more...]

National Voters Day- Chalo banayee India Behtar, Vote karay hum milkar

India- the world largest democracy, with a population of 1.25 billion it is a place where the world’s largest election process takes place. Election Commission of India is the supreme authority with regard to the elections in India. It decides the various dates and processes involved in the elections. It is responsible for maintaining the records regarding all national and assembly elections and issues the Dos and the Don't's for the contesting candidates. It was founded on 25th of January … [Read more...]

Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi Enter the Delhi Assembly Elections

The CM Candidates for AAP, BJP and Congress are more or less obvious. The Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 date is also announced and hence, the campaigning by all the parties is in its full swing in the Capital. But till now, we haven't seen a major involvement of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi in the campaigns for BJP and Congress, their respective parties. Of course, Mr. Modi has been appearing in all the newspaper ads, radio messages, etc. Except for one public rally at the Ram-Leela grounds, a … [Read more...]

It is AAP vs. BJP vs. Congress in the New Delhi Constituency

The three-time Congress Chief Minister for Delhi, Mrs. Shiela Dixit had to vacate her New Delhi constituency seat for AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal in the Assembly Elections of 2013. The difference between the vote share of the 2 leaders was an indicator of the immense support given to Mr. Kejriwal by the residents of the New Delhi constituency in 2013 elections. He had defeated the former CM by 25,000 votes. Nevertheless, Mr. Kejriwal even went on to form the Government with the help of the … [Read more...]

Ab Ki Baar, Kiski Sarkaar?(Delhi Assembly elections 2015)

Feb 7th 2015 is going to decide the fate of Delhi. Be it the Aam Aadmi Party, The Indian National Congress or for that matter Bharatiya Janta Party everyone in Delhi is trying their level best to woo the voters and get the crown but who is Delhi going to select; Ab ki baar..Delhi mein kis ki sarkaar? Political Parties in Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 For any voter who is about to be a part of the assembly elections, it is very important for them to know the people who are fighting the … [Read more...]

Kaun Banega Chief Minister? Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

ABP news recently conducted a snap poll to know the preferences of the Delhi voters for their choice of Chief Minister. This poll may or may not reflect their choice of the political party for which they are going to vote for, in the coming Delhi Assembly Elections 2015. So below is a visual representation of the possible Chief Minister candidates for AAP, BJP and Congress for the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015. You would also find the percentage of people who find each of the Chief Minister … [Read more...]