Correction of Name in Bihar Voter List

The CEO Bihar is the officer who is in charge of ensuring implementation of the provisions of electoral laws in the Bihar state. The office of the CEO Bihar conduct elections, by-elections, and prepare the Bihar voter list in the state. The Chief Electoral Officer of BiharĀ is currently Ajay V Nayak. CEO Bihar examines the documents for new registrations, corrections, does thorough verification, issues new, corrected, or duplicate Voter Id card and has other duties also. If you have … [Read more...]

How to make Voter Card Correction to Voter ID Card?

As per the Election Commission of India official rules, the Indian citizens who are 18 years old on January 1st of the year for which the voter list and electoral roll is prepared are eligible to be registered as a voter to vote in the elections in the Constituency where he/she resides and have a voter ID card. To find information on how to apply for a new voter card if you do not already have one, click on this link. If you have received a voter card, but it has some mistakes or if you would … [Read more...]

How to apply for New or Duplicate Voter Card or Check Status?

A voter card is necessary and serves many purposes. A list of its advantages is given below: It is a trust worthy form of identification. It acknowledges that a voter is registered duly in the voter list. It includes several identifying features to ensure the voter is who he/she claims to be. Voter Card: Application for New, Duplicate, Check Status and more The first thing that you would need when you apply for new or duplicate Voter Card is the forms that you need to fill and … [Read more...]

How to Change my Name in my Voters ID Card

Hello friends, in this article we will discuss of How to Change your name in your Voters ID card. But before that you need to have a registered voter id card of yours. You can register yourself in voters list either by applying online through your respective state electoral websites and filling form 6 or filling the form 6 manually and submit it to your nearest electoral office in your city. There are some instances when we did some mistakes and then realize later. The same happens when … [Read more...]

Do Voter ID expire in India?

Do unique identity cards like voter ID cards, expire in India? Do they also have expiry dates such as in credit cards, etc.? Voter ID expiry - what this means? Voter ID cards are unique identity cards that are issued by the government, to citizen above age of 18 years. The purpose of this card is to serve as an identity of an eligible voter to enable him/her to vote for various political parties and bring them to power. All the citizens are expected to exercise their rights and cast their … [Read more...]

How Can I Correct Details in Voters’ List 2015?

If you have your name in Voters' List 2015, you're good to go and are eligible to vote in any upcoming Election in your State, District or Constituency. On this blog spot, we ensure to churn out as many articles as possible, in order to keep you informed about the registration process for the voters' list 2015. Make sure you follow us regularly for news and updates relating to the same. In this article, we let you know how to correct your voter details entered in the voters' list 2015. Incorrect … [Read more...]

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