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What are the Dates and Schedule for Assembly Elections Haryana?

Election Commission of Haryana is soon going hold the 2014 assembly elections in the state. While it is time for the political parties and the candidates to gear up for the campaigning, on the other hand, the voters must gear up with the voter id card and other formalities required to cast a vote and elect the worthy candidates. Therefore, here are the Haryana election 2014 dates and schedule, so that you can set your clocks and get ready to vote and elect the right people to run the state … [Read more...]

Check Your Name in the Voter List Delhi for Assembly Re-elections

Delhi, the national capital of India, is one of the most prosperous political hubs of India. It is the center of Indian politics too. From offices of leading national parties like Congress and BJP to the residence of primary leaders of political scene, mostly all the functioning of Indian politics is carried out from the Lutyen's Delhi. Last year Delhi held its assembly elections 2013 to choose its 7th chief minister. People went out in large numbers to vote for the apparent anti-incumbency … [Read more...]

How to Get Voter ID Card UP Online?

Uttar Pradesh- the state with great population and at the same time, a lot of diversity. The large scale of population and density calls for a larger number of administrators. This facts leads UP to become one of the most sought after states by the political parties to tap their dominance and win the elections here, because of the humongous number of seats that this state has, for all the houses of parliament makes UP an all in all game changer as far as politics and elections are … [Read more...]

Apply Online on CEO J&K Website to Vote in the Assembly Elections

Jammu and Kashmir, the place people acknowledge as heaven. With its serene mountains and beautiful landscape, J&K has always been a tourism hub. A lot of tourist attractions are nurtured in this territory and hence the tourism industry here is really prosperous. Nevertheless, one thing that is really required and has always been a priority for the natives and migrants alike. That thing is good governance. Therefore it is now the time for the J&K citizens to act and vote for a government … [Read more...]

How Do I Check My Voter ID Application Status?

Voter ID Cards are issued by the Election Commission of India. It is a direct passport to the polling booth for assembly and parliamentary Elections and hence affect the whole democracy by your choice of candidate. It is not only restricted for polling purpose but a Voter ID Card also acts as an identity proof, you can also use it to book tatkal tickets and get driving license. We highlight to you the process of getting a Voter ID Card, the various forms that has to be submitted whereas in this … [Read more...]

How Do I Check The Status Of My Election Card?

Once you attain 18 years of age, you are entitled to get your election card. An election card is your direct entry into the polling booth. It is your way to speak, to show and to be the change. It is issued by the election commission of India. It works as an identity proof to avoid malpractices such as bogus voting, rigging and cross voting. How Does Election Commission Help To Issue An Election Card? The election commission of India issues an election card only after verifying all the … [Read more...]