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Voter ID Card Online

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Include Your Name In The Voter List – Enrollment of Name in Voters List

Voter list is essential for democracy. In a large country like India, a voter list must be constantly updated. While many new voters require including their names in the list, there are others who require changing their address or name. As electoral process has been streamlined and made online, such changes are now easy and quick. However, don’t forget that you need to proactively go ahead to get your name included in the electoral roll, or get a voter ID card. Here are some tips to help you … [Read more...]

Election ID Card – Why Should You Have it?

The most basic question that should come to mind when talking about Election ID card ... Every five years, the Election Commission of India organizes general elections where election ID card is an important entity. There are also state assembly elections that pertain to each state, municipal corporation elections in each state and panchayat elections as well that involves elections of the “Gram Panchayats”. Each citizen who attains 18 years of age can vote in India. A voters list or … [Read more...]

How to Apply for Voter Card?

All Indian citizens, who are above 18 years of age and are resident of the place where the polls are being held, are eligible to vote. Hence all of them should apply for voter card. However, cross-voting or bogus voting often defeat the whole purpose of the election process. Many years back, Chief Election Commission (CEC) decided to introduce a kind of a photo-identity card for each of the voters so that the voter can vote rightfully in their own constituency. How to Apply for Voter Card or … [Read more...]

Can You Use Voter ID Card As A Valid Identity Card?

There are many documents that can be used as an identity card – a card that identifies a particular individual, say a citizen of India. Although India has rolled out Unique Identification Numbers (UID) through a specialized identity card, voter card is also deemed as a valuable identity card. Take a look at how this card acts as a means to identify a voter, and how it can be used to get services that are offered to Indians. A Valid Identity Card It is necessary to have a proof of identity … [Read more...]

Duplicate Voter ID Card – Here is How to Apply for it?

Simple and Quick Guide to get your Duplicate Voter ID Card in India. The procedure explained below is a very simple and quick and will help you get your duplicate election card soon. Voter ID Card is not only important in allowing you to cast your vote, it also acts as a valid identity proof. This card is issued by the Chief Election Commission and distributed by booth level officers once the voter applies for the same. However, it may happen that you lose your Voter ID Card. Don't panic … [Read more...]

Voter ID Card Online in 7 minutes – Here’s How to Do it!

Today, Voter ID Card is a must requirement for casting a vote in India. It also acts as an identity card that helps you to get many services that are meant for law-abiding citizens. Hundreds of youngsters become new voters each year as they turn 18. With just a click of few buttons, you can now apply Voter ID Card online. However, is it really easy and quick to apply voter id card online? Along with several queries, you might have queries like, "Since I can apply for online election card … [Read more...]