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Election Commission of India Identity Card Number Search- The 30 Second Guide

Election Commission of India Identity Card Number Search is the process to be initiated by a voter in India in order to search his name and details entered in the Voters' List of his/her Constituency. No matter how long the phrase sounds, it just takes 30 seconds to search your name(if you are well instructed). If you know the to-the-point set of concise instructions, this process of checking name in the voters' list must not take more than 30 seconds of your time. Hence, in this article, we aim … [Read more...]

How to Feed Your Aadhar Number on CEOAndhra Website?

The latest venture by the Election Commission of India is the bid to link all the Aadhar Cards to their corresponding voter id cards. This drive is really important to put on a leash on the increasing number of fake voter id cards and bogus voters, both of which work together to sabotage the Indian dream of completely 'Free and Fair' Election. Therefore, in this guide we instruct our readers and voters from Andhra Pradesh on how to feed Aadhar number on CEOAndhra website which is the official … [Read more...]

Easiest Way to Apply For New Voter ID Card

The Election Commission of India has recently revolutionized the way online voter registration tasks are carried out. The reason for this revolution is the launching of the National Voters' Service Portal. The NVSP is now the one stop web portal for all your voter registration queries. NVSP.in is now also the official website where you can apply for new voter id card in minutes. This is a quick article to instruct you how to complete new voter registration and apply for new voter id card Online … [Read more...]

How a Plastic Voter ID Card is Better than the Paper Card?

The Election Commission of India has openly conveyed its intentions to roll out Plastic Voter ID Cards instead of the present laminated ones. An EPIC is a very important document and hence there shall be no compromises in the quality and maintenance of it. Maintaining the voter id card is in the hands of the bearer or the voter, he/she must take adequate steps to store this document at a safe place and ensure that it is not damaged. The quality of the card is at the disposal of the Election … [Read more...]

Interactive Visual Guide for Voting in Delhi Assembly Elections

Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 have been announced. They would take place on 7th February 2015 and in a single phase. The counting of votes would be completed by the 10th of February. So above is an interactive visual guide to voter id card registration and voting in the Delhi assembly elections 2015. We guide you about everything from voter application to the checking of name in the Delhi voters' list 2015 to the checking of voter id card application status. We also enlighten you about the … [Read more...]

CEO Telangana – How to apply for Voter ID Telangana?

Your complete guide to CEO Telagana contact details and voter ID card queries. Get access to CEO Telangana forms and other important Voter ID information. The recent bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into 2 different states has been one of the most politically and geographically important transformations of India. Telangana is now a separate state and hence it now calls for establishment of state specific administrations. Andhra Pradesh has always been a politically active location. Hence, it is … [Read more...]