Book your time slot to cast your VOTE!

What's that one thing that always stands between you and something you want to do or something that you like? TIME! You want to buy something, you've got to wait for it to come to the market. You want to watch a movie, you've got to stand in the queue and wait for your turn to come. You have to wait for all of these. If there could be some way of getting that product without having to wait or to get those tickets. With time, people have come up with such ways. You can now pre-book your product … [Read more...]

Now get PAN card with Voter ID card!

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, given in the form of a laminated card, by the Department of Income Tax, to any person who applies for the PAN card or to whom the Income Tax Department allots the PAN number without an application. Now PAN card can be obtained from Voter ID also. To know How to get a Voter ID Card, check this link.  Get PAN card by Voter ID: An Elector's Photo Identity Card (EPIC) card also know as voter ID card or an Aadhaar … [Read more...]

How to get Voter Card Bihar?

As the Election season is about to come in Bihar, many of the responsible citizens who are willing to vote and want to bring change in a Bihar are buckling up to register themselves in the voters list and get a Voter card Bihar for voting. Voter ID card not only allows you to vote but also serves as an essential ID or proof of a legal Indian Citizen. There is always some confusion in minds of many citizens as how to register themselves in voters list, where to go, what to do and how to … [Read more...]

What are the Terms of Houses of Parliament in India

In this Article, we will cover the basic aspects of Indian Parliament, its different houses and terms of houses. So carefully read this article and enhance your knowledge about different houses of Indian Parliament. The Indian Parliament, representing as it does all politically organized shades of public opinion at the national level, holds significantly top and vital position in our nation's whole constitutional structure. Over the years, Indian Parliament has created for itself a very unique … [Read more...]

Online Voter ID Card Registration in 6 Minutes!

How long does it take for online voter ID card registration? It takes even lesser time and effort than it would take for you to go to the nearest booth, on a holiday, to cast a vote. If you decide to sit through it at a stretch then you can get done with it in 6 minutes, yes that's 6 minutes from your tea break. The online voter ID card registration is a simple 4 step process. There is a CEO portal available for each state in India. This is an online portal through which citizens can enjoy … [Read more...]

Kolhapur links 20 thousand Aadhaar cards to voter ID cards

With an intention to eliminate fake voting, Indian Government and Election Commission of India came up with a new idea to link Aadhaar Card to Voter Id Card, known as EPIC –Aadhaar Seeding. To know different methods of aadhaar-voter id card seeding, please click here. According to recent population counting, there are approximately 8.4 crore registered voters in the state and approx. 8.1 crore people over 18 years of age. Thus it is obvious that there are certain differences in the total … [Read more...]