How to get Voter Card Bihar?

As the Election season is about to come in Bihar, many of the responsible citizens who are willing to vote and want to bring change in a Bihar are buckling up to register themselves in the voters list and get a Voter card Bihar for voting. Voter ID card not only allows you to vote but also serves as an essential ID or proof of a legal Indian Citizen. There is always some confusion in minds of many citizens as how to register themselves in voters list, where to go, what to do and how to … [Read more...]

Online Voter ID Card Registration in 6 Minutes!

How long does it take for online voter ID card registration? It takes even lesser time and effort than it would take for you to go to the nearest booth, on a holiday, to cast a vote. If you decide to sit through it at a stretch then you can get done with it in 6 minutes, yes that's 6 minutes from your tea break. The online voter ID card registration is a simple 4 step process. There is a CEO portal available for each state in India. This is an online portal through which citizens can enjoy … [Read more...]

How to do Voter Registration Online?

Instant Noodles or Spaghetti? Airways or Railways? Standing in a queue or VIP attention? The obvious answers for a person who’s always in a hurry would be INSTANT NOODLES, AIRWAYS, VIP ATTENTION. Why? Because nobody likes to put more time in something that could be done in a matter of seconds. People have started doing almost everything online for the same. Another reason for this online attraction is the ease with which these jobs can be done. Like? Recharge, Shopping, Bill payments, etc. You … [Read more...]

Complete Election Commission India Identity Card Number Search Guide

2014 was a good year for Election Commission of India. Partly due to a staggering voter turnout. The Lok Sabha elections of 2014 witnessed the highest ever voter turn out since the 1984 General Elections. Also it is said the the ECI nearly spent 3500 Crore Rupees on it. This is a great achievement for India because of the basic ideology that a Democracy is a Government of the people, for the people and by the people. Hence, the new government was indeed elected by people of India and they came … [Read more...]

Interesting Facts About the Election Commission India

The Election Commission of India performs all the allotted electoral tasks with utter enthusiasm and seriousness. It not only keeps up with the latest technologies to make voting more legitimate, it also goes great miles to catch the attention of people of India to register as voters. For this reason, the ECI constantly ropes in influential figures to promote voter registration and inspire thousands of people who are not yet registered. Clearly, all the steps it takes, do in-fact capture the … [Read more...]